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Featured Assignee: Samsung Electronics

In recent years, there has been a high patenting activity at Samsung Electronics. The increase in patent publication occurred in 2010, when the company published 11,746 patents which lead to higher publication in the subsequent years. As of the date of this report, their US portfolio consists of 139,555 patents.

The company's most influential patent is the 'Methods for forming liquid crystal displays including thin film transistors and gate pads having a particular structure' (US 5731856), granted in 1998 for Dong Gyu Kim. However, in the last ten years, it is the patent 'Phase-change memory devices with a self-heater structure' (US 6894305) granted in 2005 for Ji hye Yi that has been cited the most.

The top five technology areas account for 19.15% of all recent patent allocations. This indicates a low degree of specialization in the technology profile. The top filing technology class is H01L (semiconducter devices; electric solid state devices) and it accounts for 6.84% of the recent US patent allocations.

The Top Inventors map shows the number of patents belonging to prolific inventors. These individuals can be expected to have played an important part in the development of technologies in the field by Samsung Electronics. This information may be of particular use to human resource personnel in organizations in the industry.

The Key Counsel map shows the firms (and agents) handling drafting and prosecution work for the patents belonging to Samsung Electronics. These firms have possibly amassed considerable experience and suitable expertise in patent related work originating from the organization. As such, they would be good candidates to engage for patenting work relating to similar fields. Agents and attorney firms can obtain useful information for their competitive intelligence requirements from this map.

Source: Patentmaps.com July 2015

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