Circuit for testing electrically-operated photographic flashlamps. Sashalite, John Angus Makepeace Harker, April 7, 1932: GB370142-A

370,142. Flashlight photography. SASHALITE, Ltd. and HARKER, J. A. M., Westminster House, Great George Street, London. Feb. 28, 1931, No. 6317. [Class 98 (i).] In order to test the filament of a photographic flashlamp of the type in which oxidizable material in a bulb or vessel is ignited when curre ...

Improvements in or relating to electric flash-light bulbs. Sashalite, April 6, 1933: GB390427-A

390,427. Flashlight lamps. SASHALITE, Ltd., 28, Victoria Street, London.-(Assignees of Hauser & Co., Ges. ; F9/12, Frauentorstrasse, Augsburg, Germany.) Sept. 28, 1932, No. 26977. Convention date, Oct. 7, 1931. [Class 75 (i).] In order to allow an electric flashlight bulb capable of being ignited by ...

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