James Norris, Gary Clawson, Caroline Westwater, David Schofield, Michael Schmidt, Brian Hoel, Joseph Dolan, Wei Hua Pan: Tissue-specific and pathogen-specific toxic agents and ribozymes. MUSC Foundation for Research Development, The Penn State Research Foundation, Pennie & Edmonds, August 7, 2001: US06271359 (113 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the discovery, identification and characterization of toxic agents which are lethal to pathogens and methods for targeting such toxic agents to a pathogen or pathogen infected cells in order to treat and/or eradicate the infection. In particular, the present inventio ...

Douglas M Mechlenburg, Roger Paul Gaumond: Muscle stimulating device and method for diagnosing and treating a breathing disorder. Respironics, The Penn State Research Foundation, Michael W Haas, August 3, 2004: US06770022 (109 worldwide citation)

A device and method for magnetic stimulation of muscles for the diagnosis and relief of a breathing disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnea is disclosed. Magnetic stimulation is used to stimulate muscles which serve to stabilize the upper airway of an individual whose nocturnal apneic events are r ...

Michael Natan: Self-assembled metal colloid monolayers. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, March 11, 1997: US05609907 (108 worldwide citation)

What follows is a description of an invention for the preparation of macroscopic metal surfaces by self assembly of colloidal metal particles. Metal surfaces play a critical role in technology, and in many cases, the surface morphology dictates function. The strategy delineated herein, the use of na ...

Michael J Natan, Christine Keating: Surface enhanced raman scattering from metal nanoparticle-analyte-noble metal substrate sandwiches. The Penn State Research Foundation, November 21, 2000: US06149868 (101 worldwide citation)

A substrate for surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) is described in which the analyte is deliberately sandwiched between a colloidal metal nanoparticle and the SERS substrate. In a first embodiment, the analyte is a protein, and the sandwich comprises a protein:Au colloid complex adsorbed to an ...

Vijay K Varadan, Kalarickaparambil Vinoy, Jose A Kollakompil, Vasundara V Varadan: Miniaturized conformal wideband fractal antennas on high dielectric substrates and chiral layers. The Penn State Research Foundation, Ohlandt Greeley Ruggiero & Perle L, February 25, 2003: US06525691 (94 worldwide citation)

A class of antennas that comprise an electrically conductive fractal pattern disposed on a dielectric substrate and are capable of construction in a size measured in centimeters as compared to previous antennas of the same class that measured in meters. One antenna style has a ground plane that is p ...

Stephen J Fonash, A Kaan Kalkan: Nanostructure tailoring of material properties using controlled crystallization. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, November 30, 1999: US05994164 (81 worldwide citation)

The present invention is generally related to controllably modifying or tailoring the structure of crystalline films to adjust and enhance the material properties of the film, such as optical, mechanical and electrical properties. Crystalline films generally refer to microcrystalline (.mu.c) film, n ...

Vijay K Varadan, Peng Thian Teo: Tunable dual-band ferroelectric antenna. The Penn State Research Foundation, Ohlandt Greeley Ruggiero & Perle L, December 11, 2001: US06329959 (81 worldwide citation)

A multilayer tunable ferroelectric antenna assembly that includes two superimposed substrate layers. A first substrate layer consists of a low dielectric material carrying on one face an electrically ground plane, and on its opposite face an electrically conductive patch serving as an active feeder- ...

Mark Kester: System and device for preventing restenosis in body vessels. The Penn State Research Foundation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, January 27, 2004: US06682545 (79 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a system and device for preventing stenosis and/or restenosis after an invasive procedure in a body vessel or cavity having an inner wall surface, the system comprising inserting a device coated with a growth arresting, lipid-derived, bioactive substance at a desired ...

David A Edwards, Giovannia Caponetti, Jeffrey S Hrkach, Noah Lotan, Justin Hanes, Abdell Aziz Ben Jebria, Robert S Langer: Aerodynamically light particles for pulmonary drug delivery. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Penn State Research Foundation, Hamilton Brook Smith & Reynolds P C, January 7, 2003: US06503480 (73 worldwide citation)

Improved aerodynamically light particles for delivery to the pulmonary system, and methods for their preparation and administration are provided. In a preferred embodiment, the aerodynamically light particles are made of a biodegradable material and have a tap density less than 0.4 g/cm

Mark W McBride, David A Boger, Robert L Campbell, Gregory P Dillon, Stephen A Hambric, Robert F Kunz, Boris Leschinsky, Thomas M Mallison, James P Runt, Justin M Walsh: Heart assist device with expandable impeller pump. Thoratec Corporation, The Penn State Research Foundation, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, November 30, 2010: US07841976 (72 worldwide citation)

An impeller includes a hub and at least one blade supported by the hub. The impeller has a stored configuration in which the blade is compressed so that its distal end moves towards the hub, and a deployed configuration in which the blade extends away from the hub. The impeller may be part of a pump ...

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