Robert E Newnham, Aydin Dogan: Metal-electroactive ceramic composite transducer. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, March 17, 1998: US05729077 (43 worldwide citation)

A metal-ceramic device includes an electroactive ceramic substrate having a pair of opposed planar surfaces and a thickness aspect. Conductive electrodes sandwich the ceramic substrate and a first sheet metal cap having a concave shape, a substantially unchanging thickness and a rim is joined to a f ...

David C Swanson, H Randolph Thomas, Amr A Oloufa: Compacted material density measurement and compaction tracking system. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, September 19, 2000: US06122601 (43 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a two component system to obtain uniform density of compacted materials and track the compaction of the materials. The first component provides an automated, real-time compaction density meter and method of use to measure the density of the compacted material. The seco ...

C Frank Bennett, Allan Lipton, Lois M Witters: Oligonucleotide inhibition of epidermal growth factor receptor expression. Isis Pharmaceuticals, The Penn State Research Foundation, Woodcock Washburn Kurtz Mackiewicz & Norris, June 22, 1999: US05914269 (43 worldwide citation)

Compounds, compositions and methods are provided for inhibiting the expression of human EGFR. The compositions comprise oligonucleotides complementary to mRNA targeted to nucleic acids encoding EGFR. Methods of using these oligonucleotides for inhibition of EGFR expression and for treatment of disea ...

David S Kurtz, Clay O Ruud: Large angle solid state position sensitive x-ray detector system. The Penn State Research Foundation, Advanced Technology Materials, Thomas J Greer Jr, July 21, 1998: US05784432 (43 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for x-ray measurement of certain properties of a solid material. In distinction to known methods and apparatus, this invention employs a specific fiber-optic bundle configuration, termed a reorganizer, itself known for other uses, for coherently transmitting visible light orig ...

Smadar Cohen, Alexander K Andrianov, Margaret Wheatley, Harry R Allcock, Robert S Langer: Polymeric microparticles containing agents for imaging. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, The Penn State Research Foundation, Arnall Golden & Gregory, October 8, 1996: US05562099 (41 worldwide citation)

Compositions, methods for preparing and methods of using contrast agent-filled polymeric microparticles for imaging are disclosed. In a preferred embodiment, air-encapsulating microparticles are formed by ionotropically gelling synthetic polyelectrolytes such as poly(carboxylatophenoxy)phosphazene, ...

Vijay K Varadan, Vasundara V Varadan, Neil R Williams, Joseph W Cresko: Electromagnetic shielding materials. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, November 22, 1994: US05366664 (41 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides for conductive electromagnetic shielding (EMS) compositions which can be formulated to provide effective shielding over a broad range of frequencies, e.g. 30 MHz. to 110 GHz. which is based on a mixture of a polymeric or liquid matrix material and a synergestic combina ...

Vijay K Varadan, Fathi Selmi, Vasundara V Varadan: Voltage tunable dielectric ceramics which exhibit low dielectric constants and applications thereof to antenna structure. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, September 17, 1996: US05557286 (40 worldwide citation)

An improved BST dielectric powder is created used a sol-gel procedure. Addition of graphite to the powder, followed by a firing of the mixture results in a highly porous BST substrate, with the included graphite being burned off. By adjustment of the amount of added graphite, the porosity of the BST ...

Chunshan Song, Yoshiharu Yoneyama, Madhusudan Reddy Kondam: Method for preparing a highly active, unsupported high surface-area MoS2 catalyst. The Penn State Research Foundation, John J Eluctski Jr, September 17, 2002: US06451729 (39 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a new and simple method of decomposing ammonium tetrathiomolybdate (ATTM) in an organic solvent with added water under H

William E Higgins, Scott A Merritt, Lav Rai: Fast 3D-2D image registration method with application to continuously guided endoscopy. The Penn State Research Foundation, Gifford Krass Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski P C, February 15, 2011: US07889905 (38 worldwide citation)

A novel framework for fast and continuous registration between two imaging modalities is disclosed. The approach makes it possible to completely determine the rigid transformation between multiple sources at real-time or near real-time frame-rates in order to localize the cameras and register the tw ...

Jia Li, James Z Wang: Real-time computerized annotation of pictures. The Penn State Research Foundation, Gifford Krass Sprinkle Anderson & Citkowski P C, Douglas L Wathen, May 10, 2011: US07941009 (38 worldwide citation)

A computerized annotation method achieves real-time operation and better optimization properties while preserving the architectural advantages of the generative modeling approach. A novel clustering algorithm for objects is represented by discrete distributions, or bags of weighted vectors, thereby ...

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