Keith S Clark: Programmable individualized security system for door locks. OSI Security Devices, Jacques M Dulin, Thomas C Feix, January 21, 1992: US05083122 (133 worldwide citation)

A battery-powered security device for controlling access through a door by authorized uses which includes a lock operated by a low power driven motor; a keyboard by which a user enters codes or programming; a programmable circuit including a microprocessor, data memory and program memory. The device ...

Allan H Outzs: Door position monitor. OSI Security Devices, Allan H Outzs, January 17, 2008: US20080012705-A1

A door position monitoring mechanism mounted in the edge of a door that senses whether a door is opened or closed by sensing the absence or presence of a magnetic field of a magnet that is mounted in the door frame. Information regarding the door position is then transmitted to a battery operated wi ...

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