Shigekazu Nagai, Yoshiharu Ito, Takashi Toyama: Vacuum-generating unit. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, July 9, 2002: US06416295 (53 worldwide citation)

A first passage communicating with a compressed air supply port, a sixth passage communicating with a vacuum port, and an eighth passage communicating with an air discharge port for a solenoid-operated valve are arranged in parallel respectively. Further, a pressure fluid-supplying solenoid-operated ...

Shinobu Takeuchi: Connector and method for manufacturing same. Moldec, Paul A Guss, January 20, 2004: US06679709 (51 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a connector which is easily manufactured and connects a circuit board in good condition. The connector according to the invention is a CPU socket to be surface-mounted on a circuit board

Shigeru Sase: Method and apparatus for measuring hepatic blood flow amount. Anzai Medical Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, January 23, 2001: US06176838 (43 worldwide citation)

In order to easily measure the hepatic arterial blood flow amount and the portal blood flow amount flowing through the liver, a mixed gas supply apparatus is used to supply a mixed gas of xenon gas and oxygen gas to the lung of a specimen for a certain period of time so that the change in xenon conc ...

Yoshihide Shibano: Ultrasonic cleaning and deburring apparatus. Paul A Guss, January 24, 1995: US05383483 (34 worldwide citation)

A cleaning solution is supplied from a solution reservoir to a workpiece held in a cleaning station through a cleaning solution supply passage extending from the solution reservoir to the solution reservoir. When the cleaning solution is supplied to the workpiece, ultrasonic energy is radiated into ...

Chiaki Fukui, Shigeo Iinuma: Fluid pressure cylinder apparatus. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Sakagami Seisakusho, Paul A Guss, May 27, 2003: US06568313 (34 worldwide citation)

A fluid pressure cylinder apparatus comprises a cylinder tube integrally connected between a head cover and a rod cover; a piston internally installed in the cylinder tube, for making displacement in accordance with an action of a pressure fluid supplied into the cylinder tube; and a piston rod conn ...

Fumio Morikawa: Signal input/output apparatus. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, November 5, 2002: US06475036 (34 worldwide citation)

A signal input unit transmits detection signals derived from sensors such as switches, limit switches, or pressure switches to a programmable controller by means of serial transmission. A signal output unit transmits control signals from the programmable controller to control apparatuses such as sol ...

Makoto Furuhashi: Method of and apparatus for processing information, and providing medium. Sony Computer Entertainment, Paul A Guss, May 20, 2003: US06567908 (33 worldwide citation)

An information processing apparatus has a DRAM for storing at least predetermined data, a system bus to which the DRAM is connected, a CPU for controlling the DRAM, and a CPU bus to which the CPU is connected. The information processing apparatus also has an SRAM connected to the system bus and the ...

Naoto Inayama, Tohru Inohara: Fluid pressure controller. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, July 1, 2003: US06584999 (30 worldwide citation)

A fluid pressure controller has an air supply valve plug displaceable under an action of pilot pressure of a pilot chamber. When the air supply valve plug is seated on a seat section, fluid communication between a supply port and a regulator port is interrupted. Further, the fluid pressure controlle ...

Tomio Inoue, Tadashi Ito, Masao Jimbo, Kenzo Eguchi, Katsuroh Ohwadano: Gamma camera apparatus. Anzai Medical Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, November 23, 2004: US06822237 (29 worldwide citation)

After the position of a collimator with respect to a gamma camera depending on the position of a detection plane in an examinee, gamma rays radiated from the examinee are detected by a scintillation detector via a collimator and a scintillator, and a signal from the scintillation detector is process ...

Jerry Washington, Dewayne Washington: System and method for generating power. Paul A Guss, September 19, 2006: US07108095 (28 worldwide citation)

A system and method for generating power includes a motor assembly, an inertia-assisted, torque-enhanced gearbox, including a flywheel assembly and a clutch assembly, and a generator assembly. The motor assembly is used to drive the flywheel assembly up to the generator's designed operating speed. W ...

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