Shigekazu Nagai, Yoshiharu Ito, Takashi Toyama: Vacuum-generating unit. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, July 9, 2002: US06416295 (52 worldwide citation)

A first passage communicating with a compressed air supply port, a sixth passage communicating with a vacuum port, and an eighth passage communicating with an air discharge port for a solenoid-operated valve are arranged in parallel respectively. Further, a pressure fluid-supplying solenoid-operated ...

Shinobu Takeuchi: Connector and method for manufacturing same. Moldec, Paul A Guss, January 20, 2004: US06679709 (51 worldwide citation)

The invention provides a connector which is easily manufactured and connects a circuit board in good condition. The connector according to the invention is a CPU socket to be surface-mounted on a circuit board

Shigeru Sase: Method and apparatus for measuring hepatic blood flow amount. Anzai Medical Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, January 23, 2001: US06176838 (42 worldwide citation)

In order to easily measure the hepatic arterial blood flow amount and the portal blood flow amount flowing through the liver, a mixed gas supply apparatus is used to supply a mixed gas of xenon gas and oxygen gas to the lung of a specimen for a certain period of time so that the change in xenon conc ...

Yoshihide Shibano: Ultrasonic cleaning and deburring apparatus. Paul A Guss, January 24, 1995: US05383483 (34 worldwide citation)

A cleaning solution is supplied from a solution reservoir to a workpiece held in a cleaning station through a cleaning solution supply passage extending from the solution reservoir to the solution reservoir. When the cleaning solution is supplied to the workpiece, ultrasonic energy is radiated into ...

Fumio Morikawa: Signal input/output apparatus. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, November 5, 2002: US06475036 (33 worldwide citation)

A signal input unit transmits detection signals derived from sensors such as switches, limit switches, or pressure switches to a programmable controller by means of serial transmission. A signal output unit transmits control signals from the programmable controller to control apparatuses such as sol ...

Makoto Furuhashi: Method of and apparatus for processing information, and providing medium. Sony Computer Entertainment, Paul A Guss, May 20, 2003: US06567908 (32 worldwide citation)

An information processing apparatus has a DRAM for storing at least predetermined data, a system bus to which the DRAM is connected, a CPU for controlling the DRAM, and a CPU bus to which the CPU is connected. The information processing apparatus also has an SRAM connected to the system bus and the ...

Chiaki Fukui, Shigeo Iinuma: Fluid pressure cylinder apparatus. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Sakagami Seisakusho, Paul A Guss, May 27, 2003: US06568313 (31 worldwide citation)

A fluid pressure cylinder apparatus comprises a cylinder tube integrally connected between a head cover and a rod cover; a piston internally installed in the cylinder tube, for making displacement in accordance with an action of a pressure fluid supplied into the cylinder tube; and a piston rod conn ...

Naoto Inayama, Tohru Inohara: Fluid pressure controller. SMC Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, July 1, 2003: US06584999 (30 worldwide citation)

A fluid pressure controller has an air supply valve plug displaceable under an action of pilot pressure of a pilot chamber. When the air supply valve plug is seated on a seat section, fluid communication between a supply port and a regulator port is interrupted. Further, the fluid pressure controlle ...

Tomio Inoue, Tadashi Ito, Masao Jimbo, Kenzo Eguchi, Katsuroh Ohwadano: Gamma camera apparatus. Anzai Medical Kabushiki Kaisha, Paul A Guss, November 23, 2004: US06822237 (29 worldwide citation)

After the position of a collimator with respect to a gamma camera depending on the position of a detection plane in an examinee, gamma rays radiated from the examinee are detected by a scintillation detector via a collimator and a scintillator, and a signal from the scintillation detector is process ...

Jerry Washington, Dewayne Washington: System and method for generating power. Paul A Guss, September 19, 2006: US07108095 (28 worldwide citation)

A system and method for generating power includes a motor assembly, an inertia-assisted, torque-enhanced gearbox, including a flywheel assembly and a clutch assembly, and a generator assembly. The motor assembly is used to drive the flywheel assembly up to the generator's designed operating speed. W ...

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