Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne Scott: Apparatus and method for forming inflated containers. Thomas C Lagaly, Sealed Air Corporation, August 15, 2002: US20020108352-A1

An apparatus for forming inflated containers includes a film web that includes two juxtaposed film plies, a closed longitudinal edge, an open longitudinal edge, and a series of transverse seals having a first end located at the closed longitudinal edge and a second end terminating a predetermined di ...

Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne Scott: Apparatus and method for forming inflated containers. Sealed Air Corporation, June 12, 2003: US20030106282-A1

An apparatus for forming inflated containers generally includes a mechanism that conveys a web of film along a path of travel, the film web including one or more pre-formed flexible containers; an inflation assembly positioned adjacent the travel path to direct gas into the containers, thereby formi ...

Charles Sperry
Vincent A Piucci, Charles R Sperry, Michael J Schamel: Machine for severing a web. Sealed Air Corporation, Thomas C Lagaly, Sealed Air Corporation, March 29, 2007: US20070068353-A1

A machine for severing a web, comprising a movable surface positioned such that the web may exert gravitational force against the movable surface, the movable surface providing frictional force against the web such that movement of the surface causes movement of the web, and a severing mechanism to ...

Charles Sperry
Charles R Sperry, Suzanne M Scott, James M Corliss: Inflator/sealer device for inflatable packaging cushion. Sealed Air Corporation, November 6, 2003: US20030205026-A1

An inflator/sealer machine useful for inflating and sealing an inflatable cushion having a resistance wire that extends across the inlet of the inflatable cushion. The machine includes an inflation tube, a seal bar, and an anvil. The inflation tube is connected to a source of inflation fluid and has ...

Isabella Ferri: Hermetically heat-sealable, pressure-reclosable packaging article containing substantially spherical homogeneous polyolefin. Cryovac, Sealed Air Corporation, May 15, 2003: US20030091763-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A multilayer film has a hermetically heat-sealable, pressure-reclosable, outer heat seal layer which contains a blend of a substantially spherical homogeneous polyolefin (i.e., SSH polyolefin) with a different thermoplastic polymer. The SSH polyolefin is present in an amount of from about 20 to 80 w ...

William P Roberts, Ronald D Moffitt, Richard M Dayrit, Blaine C Childress, William J Gauthier, W Scott Lambert: High free shrink, high modulus, low shrink tension film with elastic recovery. Sealed Air Corporation, July 22, 2004: US20040142195-A1 (1 worldwide citation)

A film includes a core layer including a homogeneous random alpha-olefin/cyclic olefin copolymer; and first and second outer layers including an olefinic polymer; the film having Young's modulus between about 50,000 and about 200,000 psi, free shrink between about 10% and about 80% at 240° F., and s ...

Joseph E Owensby: Method for making permeable film. Daniel B Ruble, Sealed Air Corporation, July 5, 2001: US20010005970-A1

In a method for making a permeable film, a physical force is applied to a film of a first material containing particles of a second material which is different from the first material. The second material has a higher susceptibility to the physical force than does the first material. Applying the ph ...

N S Ramesh: Polyolefin foam composite structure and method for making the same. Sealed Air Corporation, September 13, 2001: US20010021450-A1

A composite structure, which generally includes: a. a foam sheet comprising polyolefin; and b. a coating disposed on at least one surface of the polyolefin foam sheet, the coating comprising at least one member selected from ethylene/propylene rubber, homogeneous ethylene/alpha-olefin copolymer, eth ...

Ram K Ramesh, Michael J Rosinski: Backseamed casing and packaged product incorporating same. Sealed Air Corporation, November 1, 2001: US20010036555-A1

A heat-shrinkable backseamed casing film comprises a first layer, a second layer, and a third layer, with the first and third layers being outer layers and the second layer being between the first layer and the third layer. The first outer layer serves as an inside casing layer, and comprises polyol ...

James A Mize, H Walker Stockley, James L Rowray: Patch bag having patch covering seal. Rupert B Hurley Jr, Sealed Air Corporation, June 24, 2004: US20040118735-A1

A patch bag comprises a lay-flat bag having a patch adhered thereto. The bag has an open top, a closed bottom, and first and second closed sides. The bag is made from a bag film having an inside surface which is sealed to itself. The bag film includes a seal impression on its outside surface. The pa ...

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