James D Stice: Flexible guide having two-way shape memory alloy. Flexmedics Corporation, James R Haller, Gregory P Kaihoi, Mary P Bauman, January 15, 1991: US04984581 (483 worldwide citation)

A medical guide wire for insertion into body channels for accessing specific inner body areas without major surgery. The guide wire comprises an elongated, flexible guide having a core of a shape memory alloy, the guide utilizing the two-way memory properties of the shape memory alloy to impart tip- ...

Gary K Michelson: X-ray marker. Lewis Anten, January 15, 1991: US04985019 (473 worldwide citation)

An adhesively applied marker for use in determining the location of where a spinal marker needle is to be placed is disclosed. The markers have a radiopaque grid pattern and other indicia on the surface of the marker so that when adhesively applied to the patient, they will clearly show the location ...

Andreas Melzer, Markus Naruhn, Karl Kipfmuller, H D Reidenbach, Gerd Buess: Bipolar coagulation instrument. Richard Wolf, Panitch Schwarze Jacobs & Nadel, January 15, 1991: US04985030 (360 worldwide citation)

The bipolar coagulating instrument has an outer barrel whose distal end is provided with two halves of a first jaw member, said halves being angled relative to the longitudinal axis and being spaced apart from one another. An inner barrel is similarly provided with a second jaw member, which also ha ...

Frank Yuen: Surgical retractor device. Collard Roe & Galgano, January 15, 1991: US04984564 (321 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a surgical retractor which comprises an inflatable sleeve that may be deflated, when not in use, so as to assume a precoiled position; and which may be inflated by air pressure, when in use, so as to define an uncoiled generally circular aperture.

Harold J Vinegar, George L Stegemeier: Vacuum method for removing soil contamination utilizing surface electrical heating. Shell Oil Company, January 15, 1991: US04984594 (303 worldwide citation)

An in-situ method is disclosed for removing contaminants from surface and near-surface soil by imposing a vacuum on the soil beneath a impermeable flexible sheet and then heating the soil with an electric surface heater that is positioned on the soil surface under the sheet. The heater is permeable ...

Donald J Drake, William G Hawkins: Buttable subunits for pagewidth "Roofshooter" printheads. Xerox Corporation, Oliff & Berridge, January 15, 1991: US04985710 (241 worldwide citation)

A "roofshooter" pagewidth printhead for use in a thermal ink jet printing device is fabricated by forming a plurality of subunits, each being produced by bonding a heater substrate having an architecture including an array of heater elements and an etched ink feed slot to a secondary substrate havin ...

Wilmo C Orejola: Ventricular venting loop. Linval B Castle, January 15, 1991: US04985014 (237 worldwide citation)

A catheter and fluid pumping apparatus and the method for bypassing portions of the heart to temporarily reduce the work load on the heart muscle. A double tube catheter is introduced into the femoral vein or artery and is advanced into the ventricle where blood is drawn and mechanically pumped back ...

William P Mortimer Jr: Polytetrafluoroethylene film. W L Gore & Associates, Gary A Samuels, January 15, 1991: US04985296 (202 worldwide citation)

A filled PTFE film is prepared by compressing an expanded, porous PTFE film that contains filler material. The films have high strength with substantially few pinholes.

David M Pfeiffer, David T Stoner, John P Norsworthy, Dwight D Dipert, Jay A Thompson, James A Fontaine, Michael K Corry: High speed image processing system using separate data processor and address generator. Visual Information Technologies, Baker & Botts, January 15, 1991: US04985848 (199 worldwide citation)

An image processor having an image algorithm processor (66) operating under control of a writable control store (94), and a number of parallel image processors (72) operating under control of instruction words from a writable control store (100). An image memory controller (68) receives memory addre ...

Richard J Penneck, James M O Brien, Stephen J Duckworth, Nicholas J G Smith: Wire and cable. Raychem, Edith A Rice, Herbert G Burkard, January 15, 1991: US04985313 (196 worldwide citation)

An article of manufacture, for example a conductor for an electrical wire or cable, is provided with a refractory coating preferably formed from a refractory metal or semi-metal oxide or nitride and preferably deposited on the surface of the article by a vacuum deposition process such as a sputter i ...

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