Rolando M Puno, Philip A Mellinger: Transpedicular screw system and method of use. Cross Medical Products, Hudak & Shunk Co, November 1, 1994: US05360431 (650 worldwide citation)

An apparatus is provided for the internal fixation of the spine. The apparatus comprises two sets of implants (8) each consisting of a rod (18) and a plurality of vertebral anchors (16). The rod (18) is secured to the vertebral elements by the vertebral anchors (16). The anchor (16) includes a trans ...

Hector D Barone, Julio C Palmaz, Juan C Parodi: Aortic graft for repairing an abdominal aortic aneurysm. Ben D Tobor, November 1, 1994: US05360443 (451 worldwide citation)

An aortic graft, and method and apparatus for repairing an abdominal aortic aneurysm includes a tubular graft which is intraluminally delivered through the aorta and secured to the aorta by the expansion and deformation of a thin-walled tubular member.

Patrick W Kennedy: Interactive prosthesis design system for implantable prosthesis. Zimmer, Todd A Dawson, November 1, 1994: US05360446 (358 worldwide citation)

The present invention involves a system for interactively designing prosthetic implants using two x-ray images, for example two femoral x-rays for designing a hip implant. The x-rays are scanned into a computer which electronically stores and displays the representations of the images. The computer ...

Kenneth P Weiss, Sheldon Howard: Personal security system. Security Dynamics Technologies, Wolf Greenfield & Sacks, November 1, 1994: US05361062 (337 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus are provided for verifying the identity of a system user. Each user has a token which processes an inputted seed to generate a stored value which is either a current seed value or a function thereof. This value is then changed to generate a new current seed in response to each ...

John K Roberts, Keith R Spencer: Mirror assembly. K W Muth Co, Godfrey & Kahn, November 1, 1994: US05361190 (319 worldwide citation)

A mirror assembly is disclosed which includes a dichroic mirror which allows a predetermined narrow spectral band to pass through the mirror and be seen from a position forward of the mirror, and which further reflects a broad spectral band of light which originates from a direction forward of the m ...

Michael H Leason, Rick R Ruschke, Ralph L Davis: Needleless access device. Filtertek, Willian Brinks Hofer Gilson & Lione, November 1, 1994: US05360413 (306 worldwide citation)

A needleless access device and method of using the device is disclosed. The needleless access device has a housing having an inlet opening and an outlet opening and a channel formed therethrough. Movably friction fitted in the channel adjacent the inlet opening is a piston. The piston is biased upwa ...

Chih I Lin: Intervertebral locking device. Bacon & Thomas, November 1, 1994: US05360430 (298 worldwide citation)

An intervertebral locking device includes a bottom base, a bracing member, a top base, and at least one adjusting arm. The bottom base is provided on the upper surface thereof with a fastening member and on the lower surface thereof with one or more spikes. The bracing member has a bottom united wit ...

William B Hutchinson Jr: Laparoscopic instrument with electrical cutting wires. Lyon & Lyon, November 1, 1994: US05360428 (298 worldwide citation)

A laparoscopic surgical cutting tool has a handle attached to a hollow tube. A tube end segment is pivotally attached to the tube. A linkage connects the handle to the end segment to allow the surgeon to adjust the angle between the end segment and tube, using the handle. A step projects upwardly at ...

Kim A Class, Randolph G Hartman, Brett J Helgeson: Differential GPS landing assistance system. Honeywell, Robert A Pajak, November 1, 1994: US05361212 (253 worldwide citation)

An aircraft landing system is disclosed in which a differential GPS global positioning system is employed. A ground station, located in the vicinity of one or more landing strips, includes a GPS receiver and a data link transmitter for transmitting GPS correction data and also the global position of ...

Willibald Doeringer, Douglas Dykeman, Allan K Edwards, Diane P Pozefsky, Soumitra Sarkar, Roger D Turner: Inter-domain multicast routing. International Business Machines Corporation, John J Timar, November 1, 1994: US05361256 (252 worldwide citation)

Disclosed are a method and a system for transmitting a message or data packet from a single sender (21) to a plurality, i.e. a group of receivers, usually called multicasting, within a conventional unicast transmission network, i.e. a network basically not equipped to handle such multicast transmiss ...

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