Ronald Alexander, Stephen Dias, Kenneth S Hancock, Elsie Y Leung, Douglas Macrae, Arthur Y Ng, Shawn O&apos Neil, Peter Christopher Schoaff, Jonathon Sutton, Thomas Edward Ward III, Thomas Westberg, Henry C Yuen: Systems and methods for displaying and recording control interface with television programs, video, advertising information and program scheduling information. Index Systems, Christie Parker & Hale, January 23, 2001: US06177931 (1833 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an improvement over previous Electronic Programming Guides (“EPG”) in that it provides, among other things: Improved viewer interaction capabilities with the EPG; improved viewer control of video recording of future-scheduled programming; improved features to the EPG display ...

Robert S Brodersen, Peter S Lim: Method of determining the visibility to a remote database client of a plurality of database transactions using simplified visibility rules. Siebel Systems, Cooley Godward, January 23, 2001: US06178425 (761 worldwide citation)

Database management method and system, for a database having a central database and a plurality of partially replicated databases. The database management method and system determine the visibility of a user of a separate replicated database to the central database from a set of visibility rules sto ...


Robert S Kieval: Drug delivery neural stimulation device for treatment of cardiovascular disorders. Medtronic, Michael B Atlass, Harold R Patton, January 23, 2001: US06178349 (377 worldwide citation)

An implantable medical device for treatment of cardiovascular disorders by stimulating a selective nerve, the device including an implantable pulse generator, an implantable electrode body and a reservoir. The electrode body includes an electrode electrically connected to the pulse generator. Furthe ...

Todd W Pastrick, Michiel P van de Ven, Peter J Whitehead, Rick Mousseau, Niall R Lynam: Vehicle exterior mirror system with signal light. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, January 23, 2001: US06176602 (341 worldwide citation)

An exterior mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a signal light that provides an advanced notification system to approaching vehicles that the driver of the vehicle intends to turn or make a lane change. The exterior mirror assembly includes a housing with a reflective element and a positioning de ...


David S Schneider, Laurence R Lipstone, Daniel Jensen, Michael B Ribet: Secure delivery of information in a network. Internet Dynamics, Gordon E Nelson, January 23, 2001: US06178505 (337 worldwide citation)

A scalable access filter that is used together with others like it in a virtual private network to control access by users at clients in the network to information resources provided by servers in the network. Each access filter use a local copy of an access control data base to determine whether an ...

Pierre M Allemand, Randall F Grimes, Andrew R Ingle, John P Cronin, Steve R Kennedy, Anoop Agrawal, Jonathan M Boulton: Electrochromic devices. Donnelly Corporation, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, January 23, 2001: US06178034 (327 worldwide citation)

An electrochromic device is disclosed having a selective ion transport layer which separates an electrochemically active material from an electrolyte containing a redox active material. The devices are particularly useful as large area architectural and automotive glazings due to there reduced back ...

Barrett Comiskey, Paul Drzaic: Printable electrode structures for displays. E Ink Corporation, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, January 23, 2001: US06177921 (318 worldwide citation)

Novel addressing schemes for controlling electronically addressable displays include a scheme for rear-addressing displays, which allows for in-plane switching of the display material. Other schemes include a rear-addressing scheme which uses a retroreflecting surface to enable greater viewing angle ...

Kenneth C Johnson: High-throughput, maskless lithography system. Townsend and Townsend and Crew, January 23, 2001: US06177980 (281 worldwide citation)

A microscopy and/or lithography system uses a comparatively low-resolution image projection system, which has a very small numerical aperture but large image field, in conjunction with a microlens array comprising miniature lens elements, each of which has a large numerical aperture but very small f ...

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