Ronald Alexander, Stephen Dias, Kenneth S Hancock, Elsie Y Leung, Douglas Macrae, Arthur Y Ng, Shawn O&apos Neil, Peter Christopher Schoaff, Jonathon Sutton, Thomas Edward Ward III, Thomas Westberg, Henry C Yuen: Systems and methods for displaying and recording control interface with television programs, video, advertising information and program scheduling information. Index Systems, Christie Parker & Hale, January 23, 2001: US06177931 (1850 worldwide citation)

The present invention is an improvement over previous Electronic Programming Guides (“EPG”) in that it provides, among other things: Improved viewer interaction capabilities with the EPG; improved viewer control of video recording of future-scheduled programming; improved features to the EPG display ...

Robert S Brodersen, Peter S Lim: Method of determining the visibility to a remote database client of a plurality of database transactions using simplified visibility rules. Siebel Systems, Cooley Godward, January 23, 2001: US06178425 (783 worldwide citation)

Database management method and system, for a database having a central database and a plurality of partially replicated databases. The database management method and system determine the visibility of a user of a separate replicated database to the central database from a set of visibility rules sto ...


Robert S Kieval: Drug delivery neural stimulation device for treatment of cardiovascular disorders. Medtronic, Michael B Atlass, Harold R Patton, January 23, 2001: US06178349 (382 worldwide citation)

An implantable medical device for treatment of cardiovascular disorders by stimulating a selective nerve, the device including an implantable pulse generator, an implantable electrode body and a reservoir. The electrode body includes an electrode electrically connected to the pulse generator. Furthe ...


Todd W Pastrick, Michiel P van de Ven, Peter J Whitehead, Rick Mousseau, Niall R Lynam: Vehicle exterior mirror system with signal light. Donnelly Corporation, Van Dyke Gardner Linn & Burkhart, January 23, 2001: US06176602 (344 worldwide citation)

An exterior mirror assembly for a vehicle includes a signal light that provides an advanced notification system to approaching vehicles that the driver of the vehicle intends to turn or make a lane change. The exterior mirror assembly includes a housing with a reflective element and a positioning de ...

David S Schneider, Laurence R Lipstone, Daniel Jensen, Michael B Ribet: Secure delivery of information in a network. Internet Dynamics, Gordon E Nelson, January 23, 2001: US06178505 (339 worldwide citation)

A scalable access filter that is used together with others like it in a virtual private network to control access by users at clients in the network to information resources provided by servers in the network. Each access filter use a local copy of an access control data base to determine whether an ...

Pierre M Allemand, Randall F Grimes, Andrew R Ingle, John P Cronin, Steve R Kennedy, Anoop Agrawal, Jonathan M Boulton: Electrochromic devices. Donnelly Corporation, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, January 23, 2001: US06178034 (333 worldwide citation)

An electrochromic device is disclosed having a selective ion transport layer which separates an electrochemically active material from an electrolyte containing a redox active material. The devices are particularly useful as large area architectural and automotive glazings due to there reduced back ...

Barrett Comiskey, Paul Drzaic: Printable electrode structures for displays. E Ink Corporation, Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault, January 23, 2001: US06177921 (321 worldwide citation)

Novel addressing schemes for controlling electronically addressable displays include a scheme for rear-addressing displays, which allows for in-plane switching of the display material. Other schemes include a rear-addressing scheme which uses a retroreflecting surface to enable greater viewing angle ...

Murray H Reich, John Teffenhart: Functionalized polyurethanes. CardioTech International, Mathews Collins Shepherd & Gould P A, January 23, 2001: US06177523 (281 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to functionalizable and crosslinkable polyurethanes formed of a polyurethane intermediate including one or more ester groups which react with an amine equivalent to form an amide unit. The polyurethane intermediate comprises the reaction product of alkyl ester of dihydr ...

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