Jian Chen: Selective operation of a multi-state non-volatile memory system in a binary mode. SanDisk Corporation, Skjerven Morrill, September 24, 2002: US06456528 (671 worldwide citation)

A flash non-volatile memory system that normally operates its memory cells in multiple storage states is provided with the ability to operate some selected or all of its memory cell blocks in two states instead. The two states are selected to be the furthest separated of the multiple states, thereby ...

Stefan Schreck: Minimally-invasive heart valves and methods of use. Edwards Lifesciences Corporation, Debra D Condino, John Christopher James, Guy L Cumberbatch, September 24, 2002: US06454799 (540 worldwide citation)

Expandable heart valves for minimally invasive valve replacement surgeries are disclosed. In a first embodiment, an expandable pre-assembled heart valve includes a plastically-expandable annular base having plurality of upstanding commissure posts. A tubular flexible member including a prosthetic se ...

John N Sharood, D Mitchell Carr: Refrigeration monitor unit. Robertshaw Controls Company, Fish & Richardson P C, September 24, 2002: US06453687 (404 worldwide citation)

A unit is attached to a refrigeration appliance, such as a freezer, or refrigerator, to alert the user of a sensed condition within the appliance that food spoilage may occur. The unit can monitor temperature within the compartment and determine how long until food spoilage occurs. The unit also can ...

Erik J Wagner, Robert Jones: System and method for stabilizing the human spine with a bone plate. Spinal Concepts, Eric B Meyertons, Conley Rose & Tayon P C, September 24, 2002: US06454769 (342 worldwide citation)

A spinal plate system and method for fixation of the human spine is provided. In an embodiment, the system includes a bone plate, a bone screw and a ring. The bone screw preferably connects the bone plate to a bone, and the ring preferably fixes the bone screw into a borehole of the bone plate such ...

David A Witt, Jerome R Morgan, Foster B Stulen, James R Giordano: Feedback control in an ultrasonic surgical instrument for improved tissue effects. Ethicon Endo Surgery, Verne E Kreger Jr, September 24, 2002: US06454781 (332 worldwide citation)

A temperature or impedance sensing device monitors the tissue temperature or impedance at the end-effector of a therapeutic ultrasonic cutting and coagulating instrument as the tissue is being heated with ultrasonic vibrations from the end-effector. One or more sensors are located at the end-effecto ...

Howard Cohen, Ladislau Biro, Matthew S Cohen: Spinal surgical prosthesis. Advanced Prosthetic Technologies, Howard C Miskin, Gloria Tsui Yip, September 24, 2002: US06454806 (332 worldwide citation)

A prosthesis in the form of a cage having opposed complimentary bearing surface assemblies. The bearing surface assemblies moveable towards and away from each other. The moving mechanism being part of the bearing surface assemblies. Each of the bearing surface assemblies having an outer bearing surf ...

Abraham Bar, Ravi Rajapakse, Mati Wax, Oliver A Hilsenrath: Internet distributed real-time wireless location database. Trafficmaster USA, Motorola, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, September 24, 2002: US06456852 (307 worldwide citation)

A system for easily and inexpensively distributing real time location information of cellular telephone users to various third party information subscribers comprises an HTTP server machine which maintains a dynamic database of current cellular users. The database has a list of caller entries, where ...

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