Takanobu Asano, Katsutoshi Ishii, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, George Hoshi, Kazutoshi Miura: Heat treatment system and method. Smith Gambrell & Russell, June 12, 2003: US20030106495-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

When an oxidation process for semiconductor wafers is carried out by a batch type furnace, the uniformity of the thickness of a film is intended to be improved so as to be capable of carrying out a low temperature process. In a system for feeding a mixed gas of hydrogen gas and water vapor into a re ...

Haruhiro Harry Goto, William R Harshbarger, Kam S Law: Selectively etching silicon using fluorine without plasma. Applied Materials, Ms 2061, June 12, 2003: US20030109144-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A process for selectively etching silicon from a workpiece without etching silicon oxide or silicon nitride. The principal etchant gas is molecular fluorine gas (F2) that is not excited to a plasma state.

Melissa Claire Caldwell: Hair dressing device method. Workman Nydegger & Seeley, June 12, 2003: US20030106220-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A hand-held air dressing device (10) has a blade (13) with a sharpened cutting edge. The blade is preferably V or U-shaped and permanently or removably supported by the limbs (12) of a Y-shaped body with an extending hand grip (11). The blade may be made from a single piece or from multiple segments ...

Hisashi Kobayashi, Lawrence E Bool: Oxygen enhanced low NOx combustion. Praxair Technology, Praxair, Law Department M1 557, June 12, 2003: US20030108833-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Fuel such as coal is combusted in a staged combustion device in a method comprising feeding into a first combustion stage of said furnace said fuel and gaseous oxidant containing more than 21 vol. % oxygen, and preferably 21.8 to 29 vol. % oxygen, at a stoichiometric ratio below that which, if the s ...

Kenneth Hamilton Norton, Anthony Combe: Recordable compact disk writing and playing apparatus. Saltamar Innovations, June 12, 2003: US20030107959-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

Recordable compact disc player and media. Improved power consumption, aerodynamics and use of data compression allow large quantities of music to be stored and played back. Storage space is increased by recording information on the land and grooves of 8 cm recordable media. Aerodynamic guide vanes a ...

Chun Kyu Park, Jong Gun Bae, Jin Woo Kim: Camera lens mounting device of folder type telephone. Samsung Electronics, Paul J Farrell Esq, Dilworth & Barrese, June 12, 2003: US20030109232-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

A camera lens mounting device of a folder-type telephone is disclosed. In the folder-type telephone including a body housing, a folder, and hinge means for rotatably connecting the body housing to the folder, the camera lens mounting device comprises hinge arms and a guide arm, which are integrally ...

Katayama Atsuo, Maeda Yoshihiko, Inazumi Hideyoshi: Electric fan. Sanyo Electric, June 12, 2003: KR1020020076635 (2 worldwide citation)

PURPOSE: To provide an electric fan in which an ion generation device is disposed at a safety position where space-saving is realized and a design property is retained and an ion is efficiently generated to disperse it in a whole room. CONSTITUTION: An ion generation device 8 having an ion blowing p ...

Blakers Andrew William, Weber Klaus Johannes: Method of making thin silicon sheets for solar cells. Origin Energy Solar, Blakers Andrew William, Weber Klaus Johannes, SPRUSON GPO Box 3898 Sydney NSW 2001, June 12, 2003: WO/2003/049201 (2 worldwide citation)

A thin layer of single-crystal silicon is produced by forming first trenches in a silicon substrate having (111) orientation; forming narrower second trenches at the bases of the trenches; anisotropically etching lateral channels (4) from the second trenches, until adjacent etch fronts (16) substant ...

Hancock Lawrence F, Deans Robert, Chen Wei: Luminescent polymer particles. Nomadics, OYER Timothy J, June 12, 2003: WO/2003/048226 (2 worldwide citation)

This invention involves a series of articles, dispersions, compositions, methods, and kits. Several aspects of the invention involve dispersed particles made from polymers having a delocalized $g(p)-orbital backbone structure, as well as methods for making and using such particles. The delocalized $ ...

Willems Edwin: Thermoplastic elastomer with improved properties. Dsm Ip Assets, Willems Edwin, DORRESTIJN Antoon, June 12, 2003: WO/2003/048252 (2 worldwide citation)

Thermoplastic elastomer composition comprising a thermoplastic polyolefinic polymer, an elastomer and an oil, wherein the oil is isoparaffinic oil and the elastomer has a gel content of less than 50 %. Preferrably the composition comprises A. 40 - 70 parts by weight of polypropylene blockcopolymer, ...

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