Deodatta Shenai-Khatkhate
Deodatta Vinayak Shenai Khatkhate, Ronald L DiCarlo Jr: Organometallic compound purification. Rohm and Haas Electronic Materials, S Matthew Cairns, January 22, 2008: US07321048 (2 worldwide citation)

A method of purifying an organometallic compound by heating the organometallic compound in the presence of a trialkyl aluminum compound and a catalyst.


Ki Il Kim: Mobile entertainment and communication device. Minerva, Connolly Bove Lodge & Hutz, January 22, 2008: US07321783 (240 worldwide citation)

A mobile entertainment and communication device in a palm-held size housing has a cellular or satellite telephone capable of wireless communication with the Internet and one or more replaceable memory card sockets for receiving a blank memory card for recording data directly from the Internet and, i ...

Scott E Hrastar: Systems and methods for automated network policy exception detection and correction. AirDefense, Clements Walker, Lawrence A Baratta Jr, Christopher L Bernard, January 22, 2008: US07322044 (166 worldwide citation)

The present invention is directed to systems and methods for automated detection of one or more wireless network policy violations and/or enforcement of such policies. A wireless network policy violation is detected. Associated with the detected violation are one or more wireless network attributes. ...

Grant M Kloster, David Staintes, Shriram Ramanathan: Method of forming a stacked device filler. Intel Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, January 22, 2008: US07320928 (144 worldwide citation)

Numerous embodiments of a stacked device filler and a method of formation are disclosed. In one embodiment, a method of forming a stacked device filler comprises forming a material layer between two or more substrates of a stacked device, and causing a reaction in at least a portion of the material, ...

Eric C Huffman, Jonathan L Miner: Robotic extraction cleaner with dusting pad. Bissell Homecare, McGarry Bair PC, January 22, 2008: US07320149 (131 worldwide citation)

An vacuum cleaning robot has a drive system adapted to autonomously move a base housing along a horizontal surface and is controlled by a computer processing unit. A dusting assembly is mounted to the base housing and is adapted to selectively rest on a surface to be cleaned. A suction source draws ...

Michael David Fairbanks: Inhibiting reflux in a heated well of an in situ conversion system. Shell Oil Company, January 22, 2008: US07320364 (130 worldwide citation)

Certain embodiments provide a method for treating a subsurface formation. The method includes using heaters to form a heated portion of the subsurface formation. A production conduit is used to direct formation fluid in a vapor phase from the heated portion of the subsurface formation towards a surf ...

Hui Zhang, Erik de la Iglesia, Miguel Gomez, Liang Liu, Rick K Lowe, Mark Aaron Wallace, Wei Wang: Method of and system for allocating resources to resource requests. Extreme Networks, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, January 22, 2008: US07321926 (128 worldwide citation)

A system and method of allocating a resource to a service request. Servers are virtually assigned through a hierarchy including groups of servers and super groups of the groups of servers. Each service request type is associated with a service index that determines both a super group and a load bala ...

Gary S Burd, Kenneth B Cooper, Scott D Guthrie, David S Ebbo, Mark T Anders, Ted A Peters, Stephen J Millet: Server-side control objects for processing client-side user interface elements. Microsoft Corporation, January 22, 2008: US07321918 (124 worldwide citation)

A server-side control object processes and generates a client-side user interface element for display on a web page. Multiple server-side control objects may be combined into a hierarchy of server-side control objects that cooperate to generate the resulting authoring language code, such as HTML, fo ...

Omry Ben Ezra, Ehud Cohen, Tamir Ben David: Vagal stimulation for atrial fibrillation therapy. Biocontrol Medical, Abelman Frayne & Schwab, January 22, 2008: US07321793 (118 worldwide citation)

Apparatus for treating a subject suffering from spontaneous atrial fibrillation includes an electrode device, adapted to be coupled to a vagus nerve of the subject, and a control unit, adapted to drive the electrode device to apply an electrical current to the vagus nerve, and to configure the curre ...

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