John Yamamoto Rajiv Banavali
Rajiv Manohar Banavali, Randall Wayne Stephens, John Hiroshi Yamamoto: H, B, Preparation of M. Rohn and Haas Company, Kenneth Crimaldi, July 21, 2009: US07563934

A method for producing MnB12H12, wherein M is a metal or ammonium cation and n is one or two, by combining a metal borohydride and XBH3; wherein X is a substituted amine; a substituted phosphine; or tetrahydrofuran.

Benjamin Mattes
Hsing Lin Wang, Benjamin R Mattes: Permeable polyaniline articles for gas separation. Los Alamos National Security, Samuel M Freund, Juliet A Jones, July 21, 2009: US07563484 (1 worldwide citation)

Immersion precipitation of solutions having 15%-30% (w/w) and various molecular weights of the emeraldine base form of polyaniline in polar aprotic solvents are shown to form integrally skinned asymmetric membranes and fibers having skin layers <1 μm thick which exhibit improved rates of gas transpo ...


David Mosley
Joseph M Jacobson, David W Mosley: Templated monolayer polymerization and replication. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Norma E Henderson, July 21, 2009: US07563482

A self-replicating monolayer system employing polymerization of monomers or nanoparticle ensembles on a defined template provides a method for synthesis of two-dimensional single molecule polymers. Systems of self-replicating monolayers are used as templates for growth of inorganic colloids. A prefe ...

Ganesh Sundaram
Gongyuan Yao, William Miller, Lee Shombert, Fang Gao, John Diab, Ravi Singhal, Stephane Muszynski, Ganesh Sundaram, Thomas Eric Ryle, Hitesh Amin: Method and system for supporting distance extension in networks having Y-cable protection. Cisco Technology, Cindy Kaplan, July 21, 2009: US07565442 (2 worldwide citation)

A method and system for communicating state information between a local device and a remote device across a transport network is disclosed. Each of the local and remote devices operate independently from one another and at least one of the devices is configured for one-way traffic protection. The me ...


Ammar Al Ali, Yassir Abdul Hafiz: Multiple wavelength sensor interconnect. Masimo Laboratories, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, July 21, 2009: US07563110 (230 worldwide citation)

A sensor interconnect assembly has a circuit substrate. An emitter portion of the substrate is adapted to mount emitters. A detector portion of the substrate is adapted to mount a detector. A cable portion of the substrate is adapted to connect a sensor cable. A first group of conductors are dispose ...

Frank Sieg, Paul Edmund Hughes, Thorsten Gorba: Neural regeneration peptides and methods for their use in treatment of brain damage. Neuren Pharmaceuticals, D Benjamin Borson, Borson Law Group PC, July 21, 2009: US07563862 (201 worldwide citation)

The invention discloses a family of peptides termed NRP compounds or NRPs that can promote neuronal migration, neurite outgrowth, neuronal proliferation, neural differentiation and/or neuronal survival, and provides compositions and methods for the use of NRPs in the treatment of brain injury and ne ...

Peter L D Chang, Brian S Doyle: Self-aligned contacts for transistors. Intel Corporation, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, July 21, 2009: US07563701 (187 worldwide citation)

Self-aligned contacts for transistors and methods for fabricating the contacts are described. An etch resistant material is patterned to create an opening that resides above a transistor gate structure. A selective etch is performed through the opening that does not etch the transistor gate structur ...

David Scott Miller: Heating hydrocarbon containing formations in a line drive staged process. Shell Oil Company, July 21, 2009: US07562707 (173 worldwide citation)

Method for treating a hydrocarbon containing formation are described herein. Methods may include providing heat to a first section of the formation with one or more first heaters in the first section. First hydrocarbons may be heated in the first section such that at least some of the first hydrocar ...

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