Fred Thomas Fred Thomas
Thomas Fred Charles, Buckner Allen O, Nay Kevin: Media shadow files and system. Hewlett Packard Development Co, li ling, September 21, 2011: CN200880131828

One embodiment of a system for rendering media files comprises a computer configured to determine media file formats that are used by media rendering devices connected to a network and to determine media files available on the network. The computer generates media shadow files of media file formats ...

Yingya ZHOU
Shi Yixiang, Cai Ningsheng, Li Wenying, Zhou Yingya: Solar thermal generating system based on boundary layer turbine. Tsinghua University, zhang wenbao, September 21, 2011: CN201110140100

The invention relates to the technical field of solar thermal generating systems and discloses a solar thermal generating system based on a boundary layer turbine as well as provides a practical application of the boundary level turbine. The system can use Rankine cycle and organic Rankine cycle to ...

Abudu Shalamu
雷建花, 阿不都・沙拉木, 崔春亮, 李刚, 武开福, 刘玉甫: 柱形离心式水沙分离器. 新疆水利水电科学研究院, 白志斌, 乌鲁木齐新科联专利代理事务所, September 21, 2011: CN201120024012.X



SEO SATOSHI, USHIKUBO TAKAHIRO: Light-Emitting Element and Lighting Device, Lichtemittierendes Element und Beleuchtungsvorrichtung, Élément électroluminescent et dispositif déclairage. SEMICONDUCTOR ENERGY LAB, September 21, 2011: EP2366753-A1 (31 worldwide citation)

To provide a light-emitting element whose power efficiency is improved and which emits light of natural color like light bulb color. In the light-emitting element, at least three light-emitting units are stacked. The emission spectrum of the light-emitting element has two peaks. One of the two peaks ...


PFEFFER JOACHIM GEORG, SCHMITZ RODE THOMAS, GUENTHER ROLF W: Catheter device, Katheter-Vorrichtung, Dispositif à catheter. AIS AACHEN INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS, September 21, 2011: EP2366412-A2 (19 worldwide citation)

Die Katheter-Vorrichtung umfasst einen am proximalen Ende der Katheter-Vorrichtung befindlichen Motor und eine sich vom proximalen Endbereich der Katheter-Vorrichtung bis zum distalen Endbereich erstreckende Antriebswelle zum Antreiben eines sich am distalen Ende der Katheter-Vorrichtung befindliche ...

MILLER FINLEY B, BENNE MICHAEL E, DULL KENNETH M: Film layer detects oxygen to indicate leaks in a tools vacuum bag. Boeing, September 21, 2011: GB2478848-A (12 worldwide citation)

A tool 20 includes an impermeable membrane 26 to be used as a vacuum bag. There is a leak detection film 28 between the bag 26 and the tool body 24 which is sensitive to oxygen so as to change physical appearance at leaks' locations. A woven or netting layer 40 should be placed between the film 28 a ...

HIRO MASATAKA: Tire rubber composition and heavy-load tire, Reifengummizusammensetzung und Schwertransportreifen, Composition de caoutchouc de pneu et pneu pour chargement lourd. SUMITOMO RUBBER, September 21, 2011: EP2366558-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides: a rubber composition for a tire that achieves both good fuel economy and abrasion resistance, and also achieves good degradation resistance and processability and a heavy-load tire having a tread produced therefrom. The present invention relates to a rubber compositio ...

MAY LUTZ: Differential mode distance sensor, Abstandssensor mit Differentialmodus, Capteur de distance en mode différentiel. POLYRES, September 21, 2011: EP2366972-A2 (11 worldwide citation)

Sensor device for height measurement, air spring comprising a sensor device for height measuring and a corresponding method allowing determining the height also under rough conditions like noisy, dusty or vibrating environments.

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