Belgacem Haba Belgacem (Bel) Haba
Belgacem Haba, Teck Gyu Kang, Ilyas Mohammed, Ellis Chau: Microelectronic packages and methods therefor. Tessera, Lerner David Littenberg Krumholz & Mentlik, May 20, 2014: US08728865 (37 worldwide citation)

A method of making a microelectronic assembly can include molding a dielectric material around at least two conductive elements which project above a height of a substrate having a microelectronic element mounted thereon, so that remote surfaces of the conductive elements remain accessible and expos ...

James Kraemer Ph.D.
Robert R Friedlander, James R Kraemer: Evaluating road conditions using a mobile vehicle. International Business Machines Corporation, John R Pivnichny, Law Office of Jim Boice, May 20, 2014: US08731807

A method, system, and/or computer program product evaluates a real-time condition of a construct of a roadway. A processor receives a set of roadway acoustic sound patterns from a mobile microphone that is mounted on a terrestrial vehicle as it travels along a roadway. This set of roadway acoustic s ...

Simon Rowe
Simon Rowe: Pre-loaded identifiers to identify media content for mobile devices using captured audio. Google, Shumaker & Sieffert P A, May 20, 2014: US08732277 (1 worldwide citation)

In general, embodiments of the present disclosure are directed to techniques for determining a user's potential exposure to defined audio content (e.g., television and audio advertisements) using a mobile device. In one example, a method includes receiving first audio content. The method further inc ...

Matthias Bauer
Matthias Bauer, Gregory M Bartlett: Methods and apparatus for a gas panel with constant gas flow. ASM America, The Noblitt Group PLLC, May 20, 2014: US08728239 (1 worldwide citation)

A gas panel according to various aspects of the present invention is configured to deliver a constant flow rate of gases to a reaction chamber during a deposition process step. In one embodiment, the gas panel comprises a deposition sub-panel having a deposition injection line, a deposition vent lin ...


Christopher J Hess, Douglas J Siebenaler, Thomas W Huitema, William B Weisenburgh II: Staple cartridge cavity configuration with cooperative surgical staple. Ethicon Endo Surgery, May 20, 2014: US08727197 (168 worldwide citation)

Surgical staples including features which can cooperate with staple cavities in a staple cartridge in order to reduce, or even prevent, the surgical staples from rocking, rotating or tilting, within the staple cavities while the staples are deployed by a staple driver, especially when the staples ar ...

Ynjiun P Wang: Indicia reading apparatus having image sensor array. Hand Held Products, Additon Higgins Pendleton & Ashe P A, May 20, 2014: US08727223 (147 worldwide citation)

There is provided in one embodiment an indicia reading apparatus having an image sensor array. The indicia reading apparatus can have a first operator selectable configuration and a second operator selectable configuration.

Ming Lung Cheng, Yen Chun Lin, Da Wen Lin: Strained channel integrated circuit devices. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Haynes and Boone, May 20, 2014: US08729627 (108 worldwide citation)

An apparatus includes a substrate having a strained channel region, a dielectric layer over the channel region, first and second conductive layers over the dielectric layer having a characteristic with a first value, and a strain-inducing conductive layer between the conductive layers having the cha ...

Christy Cummins: Surgical staple. Abbott Vascular, Workman Nydegger, Randy Shen, May 20, 2014: US08728119 (97 worldwide citation)

A generally U-shaped surgical staple comprises a base 10 and a pair of generally “L”-shaped legs 12 extending substantially perpendicularly from opposite ends of the base respectively. The legs 12 in use of the staple are bent through approximately 90° relative to the base. To effect a greater compr ...

Chun Liang Shen, Kuo Ching Tsai, Hou Ju Li, Chun Sheng Liang, Kao Ting Lai, Kuo Chiang Ting, Chi Hsi Wu: FinFET with high mobility and strain channel. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, Slater & Matsil L, May 20, 2014: US08729634 (92 worldwide citation)

An integrated circuit device includes a fin at least partially embedded in a shallow trench isolation (STI) region and extending between a source and a drain. The fin is formed from a first semiconductor material and having a trimmed portion between first and second end portions. A cap layer, which ...

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