Abudu Shalamu
GAO JIANXIN, QI YINXIN, ZHANG JIANGHUI, ZHANG MINGYI, SHA LAMU, LIU YUFU, GUO JIN, GENG FANKUN, SUN JUAN, HUA YONGHUI, KE CHUNGUANG, BA YIN, CUI XIAOHONG, YIN HUI: [ZH] 一种多功能低功耗节水灌溉装置及其系统, [EN] Multi-functional low-power-consumption water-saving irrigation device and system. XINJIANG INSTITUTE OF WATER RESOURCES AND HYDRAULIC POWER, guo guanhou, May 13, 2015: CN133685386

[EN] The invention relates to a multi-functional low-power-consumption water-saving irrigation device and system. The irrigation device comprises a solar electricity supplying device, a pressure sensor, a humidity sensor, a long-range control terminal, a flow meter and an electric valve, wherein the ...

Yajun Zhao
ZHAO YAJUN, MO LINMEI, XU HANQING: [ZH] 一种发现信号处理方法和基站, [EN] Discover signal process method and base station. ZTE CORPORATION, tian gongjuan long hong, May 13, 2015: CN133673329

[EN] The invention provides a discover signal process method and a base station. The method comprises that the base station configures partially available resources of a designated reference signal as a DS resource, the base station sends the DS based on the configuration, and a terminal measures th ...

KESTER ROBERT TIMOTHY , HAGAN NATHAN ADRIAN : [de] Spektrales Infrarot-Bildgebungssystem mit geteilter Apertur, [en] Divided-aperture infra-red spectral imaging system, [fr] Système dimagerie spectrale à infrarouge et ouverture fragmentée. REBELLION PHOTONICS  , May 13, 2015: EP2871452-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

[en] Various embodiments disclosed herein describe a divided-aperture infrared spectral imaging (DAISI) system that is adapted to acquire multiple IR images of a scene with a single-shot (also referred to as a snapshot). The plurality of acquired images having different wavelength compositions that ...

[de] Wärmetauscher und Herstellung davon, [en] Heat exchangers and the production thereof, [fr] Échangeurs de chaleur et leur production. BAE SYSTEMS  , May 13, 2015: EP2871433-A1 (4 worldwide citation)

[en] Method and apparatus for producing a heat exchanger (4), the method comprising: producing a digital model (76) of the heat exchanger (4) by: producing digital model of a first conduit (10) having a first end portion (26) and an opposite second end portion (30), and an intermediate portion (34) ...

REDFORD GLEN IVAN : [de] Konfokale Drehscheiben mit gepaarten Platten Mikrolinsenplatten, [en] Spinning disk confocal using paired microlens disks, [fr] Confocal à disque rotatif utilisant des disques à microlentilles appariés. INTELLIGENT IMAGING INNOVATIONS  , May 13, 2015: EP2871511-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

[en] A spinning-disk confocal unit uses a pair of microlens arrays to create an infinity space directly after the pinhole array. This at least allows flexibility in the confocal unit design and also allows incorporation of superresolution.

WILENSKY GREGG D , CARR NATHAN A , SCHILLER STEPHEN N : [en] Fitting a parametric curve using maximum curvature. ADOBE SYSTEMS  , May 13, 2015: GB2520120-A (2 worldwide citation)

[en] Fitting a parametric curve 302, 304, 306 to a segment of a plurality of data points that include a first data point 308 disposed between second 310 and third 312 data points, by setting a point of maximum curvature for the segment at the first data point 308. The result of the fitting is output ...

LINDBO LARS SVERKER TURE , STADIE ROBERT ROLF , WHELAN MATTHEW ROBERT , BRETT CHRISTOPHER RICHARD JAMES : [en] Apparatus for retrieving units from a storage system. OCADO INNOVATION  , May 13, 2015: GB2520104-A (2 worldwide citation)

[en] A load handing device 100 is provided in the form of device movable on rails in two directions, above a storage array, and with a footprint occupying no more than the horizontal upper area of a single storage column within the array. To achieve such a smaller footprint, all the driving and lift ...

HUFNAGEL MICHAEL , SCHAFMEISTER FRANK : [de] Widerstandslose Vorladung, [en] Resistorless precharging, [fr] Précharge dépourvue de résistance. DET INT HOLDING  , May 13, 2015: EP2871760-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

[en] A boost PFC converter (11) includes a rectifier (12), a converter (13) and an output stage comprising an output capacitor (6) where the DC output voltage (7) is provided across the output capacitor (6). The rectifier includes four rectifying elements connected in a full bridge configuration whe ...

DE VRIES AALBERT , FARMANI MOJTABA : [de] Hörhilfegerät mit probabilistischem Hörverlustausgleich, [en] A hearing aid with probabilistic hearing loss compensation, [fr] Prothèse auditive à compensation de perte auditive probabiliste. GN RESOUND  , May 13, 2015: EP2871858-A1 (2 worldwide citation)

[en] A hearing aid is provided, comprising an input transducer for provision of an audio signal in response to sound a hearing loss model for calculation of a hearing loss as a function of a signal level of the audio signal and a probabilistic hearing loss compensator that is configured to process t ...

PIKE JUSTIN : [en] Authentication method and system. LICENTIA GROUP  , MYPINPAD  , May 13, 2015: GB2520207-A (2 worldwide citation)

[en] A computer-implemented verification method comprises enabling a user to input an identifier (PIN) into an electronic device having a screen and a keypad operable within a keypad zone of the screen by operating at least one key 4 of the keypad via an image of at least part of a scrambled keypad ...

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