Elias Nemer
Elias Nemer, Wilfrid LeBlanc, Syavosh Zad Issa, Jes Thyssen: Single-microphone wind noise suppression. Broadcom Corporation, Fiala & Weaver P L L C, February 2, 2016: US09253568

A technique for suppressing non-stationary noise, such as wind noise, in an audio signal is described. In accordance with the technique, a series of frames of the audio signal is analyzed to detect whether the audio signal comprises non-stationary noise. If it is detected that the audio signal compr ...

Brian Thomas
Oludele O Popoola, David M Miller, Jeffrey P Anderson, Brian H Thomas: Ceramic monoblock implants with osseointegration fixation surfaces. Zimmer, Schwegman Lundberg & Woessner P A, February 2, 2016: US09248020

Monoblock orthopedic and/or dental implants are disclosed. The monoblock implants include a ceramic articulating surface and an osseointegrative bone-contacting surface. Methods of making such implants also disclosed.

Erik Todeschini: Method and application for scanning a barcode with a smart device while continuously running and displaying an application on the smart device display. Hand Held Products, Additon Higgins & Pendleton P A, February 2, 2016: US09250712 (45 worldwide citation)

A barcode scanning application is provided for a smartphone. The barcode scanning application includes a custom software input panel, which includes a barcode scanning key and a keyboard wedge capable of translating barcode data into keyboard strokes. The barcode scanning application, once initializ ...

Michael A Leabman, Gregory Scott Brewer: Laptop computer as a transmitter for wireless charging. Energous Corporation, Eric L Sophir, Dentons US, February 2, 2016: US09252628 (45 worldwide citation)

Configurations and methods of wireless power transmission using a laptop computer may include a transmitter and/or a receiver embedded in the laptop screen. The embedded transmitter may emit RF waves for the generation of pockets of energy that may be utilized by receivers in peripheral devices for ...

Andreas U Schmidt, Nicolai Kuntze, Michael Kasper: Virtual subscriber identity module. InterDigital Patent Holdings, Baker & Hostetler, February 2, 2016: US09253588 (37 worldwide citation)

A mobile trusted platform (MTP) configured to provide virtual subscriber identify module (vSIM) services is disclosed. In one embodiment, the MTP includes: a device manufacturer-trusted subsystem (TSS-DM) configured to store and provide credentials related to a manufacturer of the MTP; a mobile netw ...

Erick Michael Lavoie, Roger Arnold Trombley, Christopher Nave, John Shutko, Matt Y Rupp, Kenneth Michael Mayer, Thomas Edward Pilutti, Martin Fitzpatrick Frey, Douglas Scott Rhode, David Dean Smit: Trailer backup assist system. Ford Global Technologies, Angela M Brunetti, Raymond Coppiellie, February 2, 2016: US09248858 (34 worldwide citation)

The trailer backup assist system has a human machine interface coupled to a controller having a setup module, a calibration module, an activation module and a control module configured to receive trailer measurements, apply trailer measurements, activate and control vehicle systems to calibrate and ...

Mark Plagge, Vijay Baiyya, Tommer Leyvand, Susan Shuchen Song: Control device with passive reflector. MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY LICENSING, Gregg Wisdom, Judy Yee, Micky Minhas, February 2, 2016: US09251701 (34 worldwide citation)

A control device includes a housing. The control device also includes a wireless communicator interior the housing. The wireless communicator wirelessly sends commands for controlling an electronic device, such as a game console. The control device also includes a reflector positioned to reflect lig ...

David R Richardson, John Cormie, Colm MacCarthaigh, Benjamin W S Redman: Latency measurement in resource requests. Amazon Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 2, 2016: US09253065 (28 worldwide citation)

Systems and method for the management and processing resource of requests by a service provider, such as a content delivery network (“CDN”) service provider, on behalf of a content provider are provided. The CDN service provider can measure the performance associated with the delivery of resources t ...

David R Richardson, Bradley Eugene Marshall, Swaminathan Sivasubramanian, Tal Saraf: Managing content delivery network service providers. Amazon Technologies, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, February 2, 2016: US09251112 (27 worldwide citation)

A system, method, and computer readable medium for managing CDN service providers are provided. A network storage provider storing one or more resources on behalf of a content provider obtains client computing device requests for content. The network storage provider updates request processing infor ...

Kartik CA Venkataraman, Paul Gallagher, Dan Lelescu, Andrew Kenneth John McMahon, Jacques Duparre, Bedabrata Pain: Thin form factor computational array cameras and modular array cameras. Pelican Imaging Corporation, KPPB, February 2, 2016: US09253380 (25 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods in accordance with embodiments of the invention implement modular array cameras using sub-array modules. In one embodiment, an X×Y sub-array module includes: an X×Y arrangement of focal planes, where X and Y are each greater than or equal to 1; and an X×Y arrangement of lens stac ...

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