James Strong, Richard A Tamburrino, John M Ryan, Roger W A Leseberg, Ervin Goldfain, David M Babson, David Stephens, Angelo Martellaro: Wearable headlight devices and related methods. Integra LifeSciences Corporation, Jenkins Wilson Taylor & Hunt P A, July 26, 2016: US09400101

Wearable headlight devices and related methods are provided and can include a luminaire that can include a housing having a luminaire vent therein for receiving cooling air and a light source contained within the housing. An air moving device can be located outside of the luminaire for facilitating ...

Peter J Davis, Ervin Goldfain: Medical diagnostic instrument. WELCH ALLYN, December 1, 2015: US09198560

A medical diagnostic instrument that enables optical viewing of a target area, includes an optical system disposed within an instrument housing, the optical system including at least one primary optical element disposed along an optical axis. A focusing screen is distally aligned along the optical a ...

Ynjiun Paul Wang, Ervin Goldfain, Eric G Petersen: Ophthalmoscope device. Welch Allyn, Merchant & Gould P C, January 19, 2016: US09237847

An ophthalmoscope device includes a support structure, an image capture device, and a display device. The support structure is configured to be worn by a subject. The image capture device is configured to capture images of the eye fundus of the subject. The display device is configured to overlay im ...

Ervin Goldfain, Raymond A Lia: Borescopic optical system for medical diagnostic instruments and medical diagnostic instruments having interlocking assembly features. Welch Allyn, Barclay Damon, April 25, 2017: US09629544

A medical diagnostic instrument or a plurality of disparate medical diagnostic instruments are configured with a common optical architecture that functionally creates a virtual eye to create closer proximity to a patient and therefore increase the field of view in regard to a target of interest. The ...

Eric M Andreassen, David M Fallat, Ervin Goldfain, John R Strom, John T Delaney, Howard Haines, Corinn C Fahrenkrug, Cynthia A Kuiper: Digital otoscope. Welch Allyn, Barclay Damon, October 25, 2016: US09474441

An otoscope includes an instrument head, a tip element and an optical system. The instrument head has a distal insertion portion for insertion into an ear of a human or veterinary subject. The distal insertion portion has a distal opening. The tip element is releasably attached to the distal inserti ...


Ervin Goldfain, Raymond A Lia: Method and apparatus for analyzing subsurfaces of a target material. WELCH ALLYN, Guntin & Gust, Robert Gingher, May 24, 2016: US09345407

A system that incorporates teachings of the present disclosure may include, for example, a method for aligning first and second light signals on an optical path directed to a target, where the first light signal provides a visualization of the target, and a portion of the second light signal reflect ...

Robert J Wood, Jon R Salvati, Michael Curry, Christopher Dickens, Ervin Goldfain: Examination light apparatus with touch-less control. Welch Allyn, Hiscock & Barclay, August 26, 2014: US08816599

An examination light apparatus including a touch-less control component that enables a user to control the apparatus without requiring physical contact between the user and the apparatus. The apparatus employs an LED control component that is configured to adapt its electrical interface to a variabl ...


Ervin Goldfain, William Legerway, Chris R Roberts: Eye viewing device for retinal viewing through undilated pupil. Welch Allyn, yu gang, December 26, 2001: CN99813584

The invention is a low cost, low input power eye viewing device well suited for viewing wide field retinal images through an undilated pupil. Included in the device are a converging light illumination system and an aperture stop. The converging light illumination system provides ease of entry of lig ...

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