Nakagawa Katsuya, Ueshima Hiromu: (Ja) エンターテインメント装置及びその動作方法, (En) Entertainment apparatus and operating method thereof. Ssd Company, Nakagawa Katsuya, Ueshima Hiromu, SHIMIZU Satoshi, November 17, 2005: WO/2005/107911 (27 worldwide citation)

(EN) An entertainment apparatus for providing a user with an entertainment such as a game for experiences. The apparatus has ordinary operation modes (108, 110), in which ordinary games are played for the entertainment, and Try-Me modes (112, 118), in which demonstration game displays are made. The ...



Nakagawa Katsuya: System for determining the authenticity of software in an information processing apparatus.. Nintendo, December 30, 1986: EP0206704-A2 (13 worldwide citation)

A system for determining a truth comprises a main unit which is employed together with an external memory, for example, ROM cartridge, floppy disk or the like. The main unit is operated following a program contained in the external memory. In the external memory and the main unit, the same semicondu ...

Nakagawa Katsuya, Kaminokado Tsukasa, Otokawa Hideyuki, Katayama Michita: Data synchronization system, apparatus used for the system, and data synchronization method. Sharp, February 4, 2004: EP1387272-A1 (11 worldwide citation)

A data access system includes a client device (10) connected over a network (5) and being used by a user for registering or displaying data such as a schedule or a memo, and a data server device (1) connected over the network (5) for managing the data currently stored in the client device (10). The ...

Nakagawa Katsuya: Data recording device with i.d. symbol. Nintendo, February 15, 1989: GB2208029-A (8 worldwide citation)

A data recording device comprises a case containing a record (disc), the case having an identifying symbol 16 of a recessed emboss formed thereon which engages an identifying symbol 24 (Fig. 3B) of a projected emboss in the disc drive. If the embossed identifying symbols are not mutually compatible, ...

Nakagawa Katsuya, Ida Akiya, Sano Koichi: Portable telephone set station. Shinsedai, July 10, 2001: JP2001-189808 (7 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To receive various kinds of information services by accessing a network. SOLUTION: A portable telephone set station 10 includes a connector 12, a connector 14 and UBS ports 16a and 16b. The bottom of a portable telephone set 26 is fixed to the connector 12, and a serial communi ...

Nakagawa Katsuya: Memory cartridge.. Nintendo, November 19, 1987: EP0246025-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

A memory cartridge is loaded in a main unit of a personal computer when used. The memory cartridge comprises a case, and a printed circuit board which is installed therein and on which a large-capacity, one-chip ROM is mounted. Storage area of the one-chip ROM is divided into a plurality of banks re ...

Nakagawa Katsuya Nintendo Co L, Yamato Satoshi Nintendo Co Ltd, Tanaka Hideki Nintendo Co Ltd: Still picture display device and external memory cartridge used therefor.. Nintendo, January 22, 1992: EP0466935-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

A still picture display device has a VRAM and a character ROM. To the VRAM, a first coordinate address is assigned in correspondence with the displaying position of a luster scanning type display, a character code representing the character to be displayed being stored in the first coordinate addres ...

Ueshima Hiromu, Nakagawa Katsuya: Information processor having input system using stroboscope. Ssd, March 23, 2005: EP1516654-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

A stroboscope is utilized as an input device of a golf game system (10), for example. The golf game system includes a game machine (12) as an information processing apparatus and a golf-club-shaped input device (14), and within a housing of the game machine, an imaging unit (28) is housed, and the i ...

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