Nakagawa Katsuya, Ueshima Hiromu: (Ja) エンターテインメント装置及びその動作方法, (En) Entertainment apparatus and operating method thereof. Ssd Company, Nakagawa Katsuya, Ueshima Hiromu, SHIMIZU Satoshi, November 17, 2005: WO/2005/107911 (27 worldwide citation)

(EN) An entertainment apparatus for providing a user with an entertainment such as a game for experiences. The apparatus has ordinary operation modes (108, 110), in which ordinary games are played for the entertainment, and Try-Me modes (112, 118), in which demonstration game displays are made. The ...



Nakagawa Katsuya: System for determining the authenticity of software in an information processing apparatus.. Nintendo, December 30, 1986: EP0206704-A2 (13 worldwide citation)

A system for determining a truth comprises a main unit which is employed together with an external memory, for example, ROM cartridge, floppy disk or the like. The main unit is operated following a program contained in the external memory. In the external memory and the main unit, the same semicondu ...

Nakagawa Katsuya, Kaminokado Tsukasa, Otokawa Hideyuki, Katayama Michita: Data synchronization system, apparatus used for the system, and data synchronization method. Sharp, February 4, 2004: EP1387272-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

A data access system includes a client device (10) connected over a network (5) and being used by a user for registering or displaying data such as a schedule or a memo, and a data server device (1) connected over the network (5) for managing the data currently stored in the client device (10). The ...

Nakagawa Katsuya: Data recording device with i.d. symbol. Nintendo, February 15, 1989: GB2208029-A (8 worldwide citation)

A data recording device comprises a case containing a record (disc), the case having an identifying symbol 16 of a recessed emboss formed thereon which engages an identifying symbol 24 (Fig. 3B) of a projected emboss in the disc drive. If the embossed identifying symbols are not mutually compatible, ...

Nakagawa Katsuya, Ida Akiya, Sano Koichi: Portable telephone set station. Shinsedai, July 10, 2001: JP2001-189808 (7 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To receive various kinds of information services by accessing a network. SOLUTION: A portable telephone set station 10 includes a connector 12, a connector 14 and UBS ports 16a and 16b. The bottom of a portable telephone set 26 is fixed to the connector 12, and a serial communi ...

Nakagawa Katsuya: Memory cartridge.. Nintendo, November 19, 1987: EP0246025-A2 (6 worldwide citation)

A memory cartridge is loaded in a main unit of a personal computer when used. The memory cartridge comprises a case, and a printed circuit board which is installed therein and on which a large-capacity, one-chip ROM is mounted. Storage area of the one-chip ROM is divided into a plurality of banks re ...

Shiraishi Hiromi, Karashi Ikuo, Niwamoto Hiroaki, Nakagawa Katsuya, Ikeda Yutaka, Ise Masanao, Ogasawara Yasuhiro: Network setting device. Sharp, September 21, 2006: JP2006-254077 (6 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To easily and surely connect a wireless network connection device to a target wireless network using a network setting device.SOLUTION: The network setting device comprises a setting information storing part in which the network setting information is stored in advance for each ...

Nakagawa Katsuya Nintendo Co L, Yamato Satoshi Nintendo Co Ltd, Tanaka Hideki Nintendo Co Ltd: Still picture display device and external memory cartridge used therefor.. Nintendo, January 22, 1992: EP0466935-A1 (5 worldwide citation)

A still picture display device has a VRAM and a character ROM. To the VRAM, a first coordinate address is assigned in correspondence with the displaying position of a luster scanning type display, a character code representing the character to be displayed being stored in the first coordinate addres ...

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