Brand Robert J: Benefits qualification analysis and application method and computer readable code. Solutions For Progress, Brand Robert J, CHIONCHIO JOHN A, April 22, 2004: WO/2004/034210

A method of making a plurality of social benefits available to potential recipients and computer readable code to effect the method are disclosed. The method is executed by providing a listing of the benefits and soliciting information relevant to the eligibility requirements, comparing the informat ...

Brand Robert J: Economic analysis and planning model for deconstruction of large scale industrial facilities. Solutions For Progress, Brand Robert J, SIMPSON Mark D, March 20, 2003: WO/2003/023167

An economic analysis model (see Fig. 1) including a suite of software based modules designed to assist deconstruction and recycling of large scale industrial facilities at every stage of the effort including but not limited to assessment (102) and pricing, acquisition, production planning, cost redu ...

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