Donald A Streit, Brian J Gilmore, Min Lu, Michael A Pusateri: Map-matching navigation system. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, June 30, 1998: US05774824 (174 worldwide citation)

A map matching navigation system for monitoring vehicle state characteristics including the location of a vehicle on a map route. The map matching navigation system may operate in a fixed mode wherein the map route is inputted by a user or a flexible mode wherein the map matching navigation system d ...

Donald A Streit, John F Gardner, Aleksandr Brandt: Apparatus and method for tracking a vehicle. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, May 11, 1999: US05902351 (54 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for tracking a vehicle is provided. The vehicle tracking system may include an inertial measurement unit for providing inertial vehicle state characteristics of the vehicle. The inertial measurement unit may include at least one gyro and at least one accelerometer. The vehicl ...

Donald A Streit, Joe Casalena, Tim Ovaert: Dual stiffness flooring. The Penn State Research Foundation, Thomas J Monahan, August 6, 1996: US05542221 (14 worldwide citation)

An impact-absorbing flooring system of modular design is described, with applications in areas of nursing homes where there is a high risk of injury due to falls or in sports facilities for high impact events such as gymnastics and tumbling or with other uses. For example, the invention could also t ...

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