Robert J Wood, Jon R Salvati, Michael Curry, Christopher Dickens, Ervin Goldfain: Examination light apparatus with touch-less control. Welch Allyn, July 21, 2011: US20110175551-A1

An examination light apparatus including a touch-less control component that enables a user to control the apparatus without requiring physical contact between the user and the apparatus. The apparatus employs an LED control component that is configured to adapt its electrical interface to a variabl ...

Eric M Andreassen, David M Fallat, Ervin Goldfain, John R Strom, John T Delaney, Howard Haines III, Corinn Fahrenkrug, Cynthia A Kuiper: Digital otoscope. Welch Allyn, March 15, 2012: US20120065473-A1

An otoscope includes an instrument head, a tip element and an optical system. The instrument head has a distal insertion portion for insertion into an ear of a human or veterinary subject. The distal insertion portion has a distal opening. The tip element is releasably attached to the distal inserti ...

Raymond A Lia, Ervin Goldfain, Chris R Roberts, Steven R Slawson, Robert J Wood: Replacement light assembly. January 5, 2012: US20120002422-A1

A light assembly for a hand-held medical diagnostic instrument. The light assembly includes a substrate having a top surface and a bottom surface, a light source mounted to the top surface, and the bottom surface having first and second electrical terminals. The light assembly further includes a cir ...

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