De Klotz Robert J, Holmes Kendall B: Portable catheter unit. Huebner & Worrel, February 26, 1974: US3794042 (27 worldwide citation)

A portable catheter unit particularly suited for use by a paraplegic patient in performing self-catheterization. The unit is characterized by a catheter, of a type having a tubular body terminated in a ported head, and a fluid discharge port communicating with the head, through the tubular body, for ...

Holmes Kendall: Omni-directional treadmill. Holmes Kendall, SIMPSON Mark D, November 24, 2005: WO/2005/110554

The present invention is an exercise device incorporating a treadmill platform and treadmill podium, whereby the user may walk/run on the treadmill, not only in the forward direction, but also in the side-to-side and backwards directions described above, while still facing the podium. The present in ...

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