Freyman Christopher A, Didomizio Richard A, Iannuzzi John F: Linear actuator based lens positioning system. Accu Sort Systems, December 30, 1998: EP0887676-A2 (4 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a scanner for reading barcode symbologies having a focusing illuminating source. The invention uses a coherent light source for illuminating the coded symbol during a scan and a detecting means for collecting the reflected light energy from the coded symbol. Both the ...

Iannuzzi John F: Stepped sine wave frequency response measurement system. Iannuzzi John F, SIMPSON Mark D, February 19, 2004: WO/2004/015431 (1 worldwide citation)

A low cost, low power and lightweight swept sine wave analysis system that is affordable to engineers, university laboratories and students, providing accurate magnitude and phase response measurements over a wide bandwidth is described. An analog mixer (12, 16) mixes a local oscillator signal (41) ...

Freyman Christopher A, Didomizio Richard A, Iannuzzi John F: Lens-position deciding system for linear actuator base. Accu Sort Syst, April 13, 1999: JP1999-102409

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To attain easy and accurate adjustment of the focal point of illumination for a scanner by detecting light reflected on a scanning area that is periodically illuminated for deciding the linear dimensions of an object and moving a lens via a linear actuator to set the focal poin ...

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