Featured Inventor: Kia Silverbrook

In recent years, there has been a low patenting activity by Kia Silverbrook. The decrease in patent publication occurred in 2012, when the inventor only published 289 patents compared to 1,321 in 2011. As of the date of this report, the inventor's US portfolio consists of 9,928 patents.

Kia Silverbrook's most influential patent is the 'Ink jet print device and print head or print apparatus using the same' (US 6019457), granted in 2000 for Canon Information Systems Research Australia. However, in the last ten years, it is the patent 'Signature capture via interface surface' (US 7106888) published in 2006 for Silverbrook Research that has been cited the most

The top five technology areas account for 74.08% of all recent patent allocations. This indicates a high degree of specialization in the technology profile. The top filing technology class is B41J (typewriters; selective printing mechanisms, i.e. mechanisms printing otherwise than from a forme; correction of typographical errors) and it accounts for 55.26% of the recent US patent allocations.

The Key Counsel map shows the firms (and agents) handling drafting and prosecution work for the patents invented by Kia Silverbrook. These firms have possibly amassed considerable experience and suitable expertise in patent related work originating from the inventor. As such, they would be good candidates to engage for patenting work relating to similar fields. Agents and attorney firms can obtain useful information for their competitive intelligence requirements from this map.

Source: Patentmaps.com July 2015

US Top 50 Productive Inventors Since 1991

Rank Inventor Name
1 Kia Silverbrook
2 Shunpei Yamazaki
3 William I Wood
4 Paul Lapstun
5 Audrey Goddard
6 Austin L Gurney
7 Paul J Godowski
8 Donald E Weder
9 Leonard Forbes
10 Roderick A Hyde
11 Colin K Watanabe
12 Jay S Walker
13 Jun Koyama
14 Victoria Smith
15 Kevin P Baker
16 Luc Desnoyers
17 Clarence T Tegreene
18 Gurtej S Sandhu
19 Royce A Levien
20 James A Jorasch
21 Mark A Malamud
22 Zemin Zhang
23 Robert W Lord
24 Hideo Ando
25 Simon Robert Walmsley
26 Jeyhan Karaoguz
27 Edward KY Jung
28 Lowell L Wood JR
29 Shou Shan Fan
30 Muriel Y Ishikawa
31 Michael J Sullivan
32 Warren M Farnworth
33 Jian Chen
34 Takashi Suzuki
35 Nathan P Myhrvold
36 Eric C Leuthardt
37 Salman Akram
38 Mary E Gerritsen
39 Tetsujiro Kondo
40 James Pan
41 Ellen Filvaroff
42 Kie Y Ahn
43 William H Eby
44 Tobin Allen King
45 Daniel Tumas
46 Anthony J Baerlocher
47 J Christopher Grimaldi
48 Geoffrey B Rhoads
49 Tadahiro Ohmi
50 Satoshi Seo
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