Jun Zhao, Tom Cho, Charles Dornfest, Stefan Wolff, Kevin Fairbairn, Xin S Guo, Alex Schreiber, John M White: CVD Processing chamber. Applied Materials, Janis Biksa, September 24, 1996: US05558717 (323 worldwide citation)

A process chamber is disclosed which provides a 360.degree. circular gas/vacuum distribution over a substrate being processed. The substrate being processed is supported on a heated and optionally cooled pedestal assembly. The substrate faces a one-piece gas distribution faceplate being connected to ...

Talex Sajoto, Leonid Selyutin, Jun Zhao, Stefan Wolff: High temperature multi-layered alloy heater assembly and related methods. Applied Materials, Townsend & Townsend and Crew, March 7, 2000: US06035101 (197 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides systems, methods and apparatus for heating substrates in a processing chamber to temperatures up to at least 700.degree. C. In accordance with an embodiment of the invention a heater assembly with an inner core of high thermal conductivity is encased in a shell of lowe ...

Jun Zhao, Ashok Sinha, Avi Tepman, Mei Chang, Lee Luo, Alex Schreiber, Talex Sajoto, Stefan Wolff, Charles Dornfest, Michal Danek: Thermally floating pedestal collar in a chemical vapor deposition chamber. Applied Materials, Charles S Guenzer, Michael B Einschlag, December 8, 1998: US05846332 (171 worldwide citation)

A substrate processing chamber, particularly a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) chamber used both for thermal deposition of a conductive material and a subsequently performed plasma process. The invention reduces thermal deposition of the conductive material on peripheral portions of the pedestal sup ...

Jun Zhao, Lee Luo, Xiao Liang Jin: Method for substrate processing with improved throughput and yield. Applied Materials, Townsend & Townsend, November 30, 1999: US05993916 (132 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides an approach which provides an increase in the number of usable substrates with a film, such as titanium nitride, deposited thereon at a sufficient deposition rate and where the film meets uniformity and resistivity specifications as well as providing good step coverage ...

Lisa C McConlogue, Jun Zhao: Transgenic animals harboring APP allele having swedish mutation. Athena Neurosciences, Eli Lilly and Company, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, March 18, 1997: US05612486 (124 worldwide citation)

The invention provides transgenic non-human animals and transgenic non-human mammalian cells harboring a transgene encoding an APP polypeptide comprising the Swedish mutation.

Jun Zhao, Talex Sajoto, Leonid Selyutin: Heater for use in substrate processing apparatus to deposit tungsten. Applied Materials, Townsend and Townsend and Crew, January 30, 2001: US06179924 (120 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a simplified heater design that is scaleable for equipment processing different diameter substrates and that can efficiently and economically process substrates to meet stringent film requirements such as film uniformity for fabricating high integration devices. The pr ...

Leonid Selyutin, Jun Zhao: Self aligning lift mechanism. Applied Materials, Peters Verny Jones & Biksa, September 14, 1999: US05951776 (117 worldwide citation)

A particular configuration of a compact self-aligning lift mechanism is provided for lifting the stem of a pedestal in a processing chamber while minimizing process anomalies due to geometric misalignment and binding of moving pieces. The force associated with supporting a stem in a processing chamb ...

Ravi Jallepally, Shih Hung Li, Alain Duboust, Jun Zhao, Liang Yuh Chen, Daniel A Carl: Apparatus and method for fast-cycle atomic layer deposition. Applied Materials, Moser Patterson & Sheridan, August 10, 2004: US06773507 (93 worldwide citation)

Method and apparatus for depositing layers by atomic layer deposition. A virtual shower curtain is established between the substrate support and chamber to minimize the volume in which the reactants are distributed. A showerhead may be used to allow closer placement of the substrate thereto, further ...

Sasson Somekh, Jun Zhao, Charles Dornfest, Talex Sajoto, Leonid Selyutin, Vincent Ku, Chris Wang, Frank Chang, Po Tang: Vaporization and deposition apparatus. Applied Materials, Thomason Moser & Patterson, July 10, 2001: US06258170 (92 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to an apparatus and process for the vaporization of liquid precursors and deposition of a film on a suitable substrate. Particularly contemplated is an apparatus and process for the deposition of a metal-oxide film, such as a barium, strontium, titanium oxide (BST) film, on a s ...

Jun Zhao, Alex Schreiber: Faceplate thermal choke in a CVD plasma reactor. Applied Materials, Charles S Guenzer, March 16, 1999: US05882411 (84 worldwide citation)

A reactor for plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition having a showerhead electrode facing the wafer being CVD deposited, the showerhead having a large number of jetting holes for jetting processing gas towards the wafer. Two deep grooves are formed around the area of the showerhead containing the ...

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