Li Guiling, Xu Xingjian, Xia Shuzhen, Wei Fenghua, Liu Min, Yuan Yi: Drug for exterminating oncomelania snail. Huazhong Tech Univ, xiahui zhong, May 9, 2007: CN200610005300

This invention provides a method for preparing quinoid niclosamide used for killing oncomelania snails. The molecular formula of quinoid niclosamide is C13H7N2O4Cl2, and the melting point is above 300 deg.C. Quinoid niclosamide is soluble in water and ethanol, with water solubility of 1.4 g/L, and i ...



Li Guiling, Zhang Baoju, Zhang Yan: Method for controlling and adjusting for circulating play transfer flow. Tianjin Univ, liu guowei, February 4, 2004: CN03130023

The present invention is a method for controlling and adjusting the cycle-broadcast transmitted flow. The method relates to the case in which the cycle-broadcast transmitted flow is controlled and adjusting, specifically to the case in which the cycle-broadcast audio/video transmitted flow is contro ...

Li Guiling, Li Mei: Penciclovir ophthalmic temperature sensitivity in situ gel preparation and preparation method thereof. Medical Biotechnology Institute Chinese Academy Of Medical Sciences, zhangqiang min, May 28, 2008: CN200710000552

The invention provides an in situ eye gel preparation of penciclovir. The compositions and weight percentages thereof are 0.01-2.0wt% of penciclovir, 5-40wt% of poloxamer, 0.1-5wt% of tackifier high polymer base, 0.8-10wt% of osmotic regulation agent, 0.001-0.5wt% of antiseptics and the rest is dist ...




Li Guiling, Gao Jiuzhu, Fan Changqing: Foil handicraft decorative picture and its manufacturing method. Jinyi Gold Card, Nanjing Gold Foil Group, xi shengyuan, January 6, 1999: CN98111343

The structure of said invented handicraft picture article made of valuable metal foils, such as gold foil, silver foil and copper foil is composed of frame, back support and its internal base board, cold-mounting film, adhesive layer, metal foil and its protecting layer, picture-words layer and its ...

Li Guiling, Li Yan, Li Yi, Pan Rong, Xu Yan: Coding scheme based on acquisition of three primary colors with widest sensible color gamut. Tianjin University, Liu Guowei, May 19, 2010: CN200910228450

The invention relates to digital television and wide color gamut theory and technology, in particular to a coding scheme based on the acquisition of three primary colors with the widest sensible color gamut and corresponding to ITU-R BT.1361. The coding scheme based on the acquisition of the three p ...

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