Pyush Agrawal, Rajeev Sharma: Demographic classification using image components. VideoMining Corporation, March 17, 2009: US07505621 (33 worldwide citation)

The present invention includes a system and method for automatically extracting the demographic information from images. The system detects the face in an image, locates different components, extracts component features, and then classifies the components to identify the age, gender, or ethnicity of ...

Pyush Agrawal: Knowledge transfer in a project environment. Accenture Global Services, Vedder Price PC, July 23, 2009: US20090187458-A1

Various techniques for effecting knowledge transfer are provided. In one embodiment, knowledge transfer tasks are identified through parsing of one or more repositories comprising project-related artifacts to ascertain tasks that are relevant to a transitioning project participant, and that may be f ...

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