Andrew Longacre Jr, Rob Hussey: Two dimensional data encoding structure and symbology for use with optical readers. Welch Allyn, Harris Beach & Wilcox, January 7, 1997: US05591956 (291 worldwide citation)

A two dimensional (2D) matrix symbology for use with bar code and other optical readers. A finder structure includes a center square and a plurality of nested squares having centers that approximately coincide with the center square. A symbol descriptor located adjacent to the finder structure encod ...

Rob Hussey, William H Havens, Robert J Wood Sr: Optical reader having improved interactive image sensing and control circuitry. Welch Allyn, Wall Marjama & Bilinski, July 21, 1998: US05784102 (278 worldwide citation)

A hand-held optical reader for reading 2D bar code symbols. The reader includes an illuminating system for illuminating the symbol and an optical system for focusing an image thereof on a 2D image sensor. The image sensor is of the type which allows its imaging parameters, such as exposure, to be co ...

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