M Edward Evans, D Scott Costa, James N Brock: Expandable joint connector. Grant Prideco, Carlos A Torres, Loren G Helmreich, Browning Bushman P C, June 25, 2002: US06409175 (161 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus are provided for obtaining a secure mechanical connection and a pressure-tight seal in the overlapping area of two telescoping tubular bodies. The two bodies, including the overlapping area, are radially expanded to increase the inside diameter of the bodies. The expansion forc ...

Richard W DeLange, Merle Edward Evans, Darrell Scott Costa, Reji Eason: Threaded connection with high compressive rating. Grant Prideco, Carlos A Torres, Browning Bushman P C, June 24, 2003: US06581980 (17 worldwide citation)

The surface areas available for absorbing compressive loading of a threaded connection are increased by increasing the engaged area of a torque shoulder in the connection and by reducing the spacing between the stab flanks of the threads. The areas are increased by increasing the dimensions of the c ...

M Edward Evans, D Scott Costa, Richard W DeLange: Method and apparatus for sealing radially expanded joints. Grant Prideco, C James Bushman, Browning Bushman P C, August 8, 2006: US07086669 (9 worldwide citation)

Connectors and connections that enhance mechanical and sealing engagement between the ends of tubular bodies that are radially expanded by a forging tool. The connectors are designed to maintain or restore mechanical and sealing engagement following expansion. The connections are made by joining com ...


Mark Shuster, Lev Ring, Scott Costa: Interposed joint sealing layer method of forming a wellbore casing. Enventure Global Technology L L C, Conley Rose P C, September 16, 2008: US07424918 (5 worldwide citation)

A method of forming a wellbore casing within a borehole that traverses a subterranean formation, is provided by assembling a tubular liner by coupling a multi-layer tubular insert assembly to a threaded portion of a first tubular member, and coupling a threaded portion of a second tubular member to ...

Mark Shuster, Kevin K Waddell, Larry Kendziora, Scott Costa: Lubrication system for radially expanding tubular members. Enventure Global Technology, Conley Rose P C, March 17, 2009: US07503393 (4 worldwide citation)

A lubrication system for lubricating an interface between one or more expansion surfaces of an expansion device and one or more interior surfaces of a tubular member during a radial expansion of the tubular member using the expansion device.

Darrell Scott Costa, Kevin K Waddell, Edwin A Zwald Jr, Charles Butterfield, Mark Holland, Akindele Olufowoshe, Gregory M Noel, Donald B Campo: Apparatus and methods for drilling and lining a wellbore. Enventure Global Technology, Derek V Forinash, November 2, 2010: US07823659 (4 worldwide citation)

A method of drilling and lining a wellbore includes operably coupling a support member to a drilling device, an expansion cone configured to expand a tubular member, an actuator configured to pull the expansion cone through the tubular member, a releasable locking device configured to limit displace ...




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