Sharma Rajeev, Yeasin Mohammed, Kettebekov Sanshzar: Prosody based audio/visual co-analysis for co-verbal gesture recognition. The Penn State Research Foundation, Sharma Rajeev, Yeasin Mohammed, Kettebekov Sanshzar, SIMPSON Mark D, April 1, 2004: WO/2004/027685

The present method incorporates audio and visual cues from human gesticulation for automatic recognition. The methodology articulates a framework for co-analyzing gestures and prosodic elements of a person's speech. The methodology can be applied to a wide range of algorithms involving analysis of g ...

Sharma Rajeev: Connecting block. Denso, wang yongjian, October 17, 2012: CN201210085984

A connecting block includes a first member (14, 88) having a flow header (34, 38, 93) extending from a sealing surface (40, 95), a planar end face oppositely directed with respect to the sealing surface, and a perimeter wall (18, 89) angularly oriented with respect to the sealing surface. A second m ...

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