David R Walt, Karri Lynn Michael: Fiber optic sensor with encoded microspheres. Trustees of Tufts College, Robin M Flehr Hobach Test Albritton and Herbert Silva, February 8, 2000: US06023540 (276 worldwide citation)

A microsphere-based analytic chemistry system is disclosed in which microspheres carrying different chemical functionalities may be mixed together while the ability is retained to identify the functionality on each bead using an optically interrogatable encoding scheme. An optical fiber bundle senso ...

Vadim I Kvitash: Balascopy method for detecting and rapidly evaluating multiple imbalances within multi-parametric systems. David Pressman, July 2, 1985: US04527240 (275 worldwide citation)

In a system in which multiple related parameters, such blood chemistry data, are to be evaluated, such evaluation is facilitated by converting the data into specially normalized units as a percentage on a scale depicting the maximum and minimum empirical values for such parameter. Then a normal rela ...

David K Wong: Method for measuring glucose. VIA Medical Corporation, December 21, 1993: US05271815 (266 worldwide citation)

This invention provides an electrochemical sensor capable of measuring the glucose level of body fluids, especially blood. More particularly, this invention also relates to the use of such a glucose sensor in an automated bedside blood chemistry system which facilitates the operation of the sensor.

Calvin K Li, N Johan Knall, Michael A Vyvoda, James M Cleeves, Vivek Subramanian: Patterning three dimensional structures. Matrix Semiconductor, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, September 30, 2003: US06627530 (258 worldwide citation)

The invention is directed to a method of forming a three dimensional circuit including introducing a three dimensional circuit over a substrate. In one embodiment, the three dimensional circuit includes a circuit structure in a stacked configuration between a first signal line and a second signal li ...

Peter C Magnante: Methods and devices to design and fabricate surfaces on contact lenses and on corneal tissue that correct the eyes optical aberrations. July 11, 2000: US06086204 (257 worldwide citation)

Methods and devices are described that are needed to design and fabricate modified surfaces on contact lenses or on corneal tissue that correct the eye's optical aberrations beyond defocus and astigmatism. The invention provides the means for: 1) measuring the eye's optical aberrations either with o ...

W Clark Still, Michael H Wigler, Michael H J Ohlmeyer, Lawrence W Dillard, John C Reader: Complex combinatorial chemical libraries encoded with tags. The Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, John P White, October 15, 1996: US05565324 (253 worldwide citation)

Encoded combinatorial chemistry is provided, where sequential synthetic schemes are recorded using organic molecules, which define choice of reactant, and stage, as the same or different bit of information. Various products can be produced in the multi-stage synthesis, such as oligomers and syntheti ...

David K Wong, James E Gharib, Kenneth Curry, Luis Retana: Method and apparatus for monitoring blood chemistry. Via Medical Corporation, James R Brueggemann, Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton, June 2, 1998: US05758643 (250 worldwide citation)

An improved system is disclosed for monitoring a patient's blood chemistry, wherein the system intermittently draws blood samples from the patient into a special sensor assembly having a plurality of analytical sensors, each sensitive to a particular parameter of the blood. After signals produced by ...

Joseph P D Angelo, Henry B Schur, Kedu Han, Daniel J Glenn: Integrated system for biological fluid constituent analysis. International Medical Associates, Herbert L Lerner, Laurence A Greenberg, October 31, 1995: US05462064 (241 worldwide citation)

A multi-part system to collect and analyze constituents of body fluid. The use of a multilayered gel matrix to facilitate the collection of analytes fluid and a chemistry detection methodology incorporated into the matrix to aid in the visual or electronic determination of the analyte is described.

Terry Allen Beaty, Lance Scott Kuhn, Vladimir Svetnik, David W Burke: Meter and method of using the meter for determining the concentration of a component of a fluid. Roche Diagnostics Corporation, Barnes & Thornburg, November 11, 2003: US06645368 (240 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and method for determining the concentration of a medically significant component of a biological fluid comprise providing a cell supporting a chemistry which reacts with the medically significant component. Placement of first and second terminals of the cell in contact with first and s ...

Louis Terminiello, Jack L Aronowitz: A dry reagent delivery system with membrane having porosity gradient. Technimed Corporation, John H Faro, September 27, 1988: US04774192 (234 worldwide citation)

Dry chemistry reagent system, kit and method for detection of an analyte such as glucose, cholesterol, urea, antigen or antibody. The reagent system is a porous membrane or bibulous film having a porosity gradient from one planar surface to the other. In the membrane are uniformly distributed an ind ...

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