Thornton Jr Henry M: Wardrobe apparel case. Just C Hercus, March 4, 1975: US3869034 (13 worldwide citation)

A carrying case for clothing and apparel having compartments at opposite sides of a center panel respectively (1) to accommodate garments held on hangers and folded when the case is closed but extended when the case is open and suspended, and (2) to contain one or more trays to hold apparel and the ...

Clemie Lee: Nanoclimate clothing and apparel. March 14, 2006: US07010931 (4 worldwide citation)

A temperature control system adapted for use with an article of clothing and designed to cool the wearer of the article of clothing. The temperature control system comprises a canister containing a cooling agent in its gaseous or vaporous state, a regulator for adjusting the flow of cooling agent fr ...

Navneet Dalal, Salih Burak Gokturk, Lorant Toth, Tianli Yu: System and method for rendering photorealistic images of clothing and apparel. Google, Mahamedi Paradice Kreisman, Van Mahamedi, March 18, 2014: US08674989 (3 worldwide citation)

Embodiments described herein enable a user to select a set of clothing or apparel. The selected set of clothing or apparel is rendered to appear as being worn, by rendering one or more regions of the selected set to appear pinched or shaded.

Wen Tung Chou, Ming Yi Lai, Kun Shan Huang, Hsiao Chi Tsai: Meltblown method for producing nonwoven fabrics with hygroscopic metastatic feature. ACELON CHEMICALS AND FIBER CORPORATION, Bacon & Thomas PLLC, February 21, 2017: US09573308 (1 worldwide citation)

A meltblown method for producing nonwoven fabrics with hygroscopic metastatic feature. Firstly, fuse prepared bio-polyamide 6,10 into a melt, then extrude, and blow the melt out spinnerets to form natural bio-polyamide 6,10 filaments laid onto a conveyer to form a substrate fibrous web. Secondly, bl ...

Frampton E Ellis: Clothing and apparel with internal flexibility sipes and at least one attachment between surfaces defining a sipe. Mendelsohn Drucker & Dunleavy P C, January 6, 2015: US08925117

Devices with one or more internal flexibility sipes, such as slits, to provide improved flexibility, improved cushioning to absorb shock and/or shear forces, and improved stability. The device includes at least a first bladder, chamber or compartment. An internal sipe is defined by at least a portio ...

Steven Fastert, Kevin J Dowling, Benjamin Schlatka, Conor Rafferty: Conformal electronics integrated with apparel. MC10, Nixon Peabody, December 19, 2017: US09846829

A system is provided for integrating conformal electronics devices into apparel. The system includes a flexible substrate onto which a flexible device is disposed. The flexible device can include a stretchable coil that can be used to receive and transmit near field communications. The flexible devi ...

Laura Tempesta: Closure system. NIKE, Shook Hardy & Bacon L, February 14, 2017: US09565903

A closure or fastener is provided for apparel, shoes, equipment, and other applications. The closure may have a female component having a receiving area and a male component having a locking portion. Either or both the male component and female component may have a notched appearance to provide addi ...

Kimberly H Cady, Scott B Greer, Andrew J Lavery, Sarah R Plantenberg: Multiple partial-image compositional searching. INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORPORATION, Lee Law PLLC, Christopher B Lee, May 2, 2017: US09639559

Partial-image search criteria are derived that include a combination of multiple partial-image user selections of portions of at least one image. Visual search results are returned responsive to a search for images that correspond to the derived partial-image search criteria. The visual search resul ...

Jukka Antero Holm, Antti Eronen, Arto Juhani Lehtiniemi: Method, apparatus, and computer program product for providing access to a media item based at least in part on a route. Nokia Technologies Oy, Ditthavong & Steiner P C, February 6, 2018: US09885583

An apparatus for providing access to a media item based at least in part on a route may include a processor. The processor may be configured to receive a start location of a mobile device. The processor may be further configured to receive a route. In this regard, the route may have been determined ...

Navneet Dalal, Salih Burak Gokturk, Lorant Toth, Munjal Shah: Photorealistic recommendation of clothing and apparel based on detected web browser input and content tag analysis. Google, Fish & Richardson P C, May 2, 2017: US09639880

A system and method for recommending clothing or apparel to a user. Activity of a user is detected in order to identify a set of items that are of interest to the user. One or more recommendation parameters may be determined for the used based at least in part on the individual items of clothing/app ...

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