Allan I Krauter, Robert L Vivenzio: Connector for optical sensor. Welch Allyn, Wall and Roehrig, March 5, 1991: US04998182 (67 worldwide citation)

A connector is provided for a highly miniaturized integrated circuit imager that is supported in a sealed package that has a transparent distal plate and a plurality of connector pins that extend proximally from the package. The connector pins are trimmed short and metal coil springs are disposed on ...

Inoue Yuichi, Tomita Kohei, Inoue Hiroyuki: Optical sensor device and signal processing device of optical sensor and branch connector for optical sensor. Omron, March 12, 2003: JP2003-075117 (1 worldwide citation)

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To cope with various applications by one signal processing device.SOLUTION: A connector 101 connects a power supply line, a driving pulse signal P, a pair of detection signals A, A+B, a readout signal i, discrimination data j to a displacement sensor type detection part, and ca ...

Wang Wei chung: Connector for optical sensor and substrate, method for manufacturing optical sensor. Pixart Imaging, liu yungui, December 1, 2010: CN201010002830

The present invention discloses a connector of connecting a light sensor and a substrate utilized for rotating the light sensor so that the light-receiving direction of the light sensor is parallel with the substrate. When the connector is utilized in an optical touch system, the light sensor can be ...

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