Ian S Small, Michael Chen: Time and location based computing. Apple Computer, V Randall Gard, June 24, 1997: US05642303 (227 worldwide citation)

Utilizing a simple, low-cost beacon and receiver technology to allow users to build their own infrastructure by placing beacons in key locations provides intelligent location awareness. This location awareness can be leveraged by the computer electronic equipment that the user is carrying, needs no ...

Jackie Friedman: System, apparatus and method for location-based instant messaging. Danger, Blakely Sokoloff Taylor & Zafman, March 30, 2004: US06714791 (226 worldwide citation)

A computer-implemented method comprising: transmitting positional data identifying a wireless device's position responsive to a first user transmitting a message from the wireless device to one or more other users; and transmitting the positional data to the one or more other users.

Heikki Huomo: System and method for initiating location-dependent applications on mobile devices. Nokia Corporation, Hollingsworth & Funk, August 22, 2006: US07096030 (225 worldwide citation)

A system, apparatus, and method for facilitating location-based triggering of actions, applications, services, and the like on wireless devices, for locations that may be subsequently visited by the mobile device user. Wireless service area identifiers are received at the wireless device, where sele ...


Darrell E Ernst, Donald R McMillan, Thomas L Folk, Steven R Rogers: Location based selective distribution of generally broadcast information. The Mitre Corporation, Larson and Taylor, June 3, 1997: US05636245 (217 worldwide citation)

A system for determining whether information broadcast by a general transmitter is relevant to a particular user based on the location, velocity and/or time of an object of interest includes a remote terminal, a general broadcasting unit, a transmitter at the general broadcasting unit for broadcasti ...

Fred Wimbush: Distress radiolocation method and system. 122923 Canada, Banner Birch McKie & Beckett, January 15, 1985: US04494119 (213 worldwide citation)

A dedicated distress radiolocation system combines direction-finding techniques with calculations based on signal strength to precisely locate a distress transmission and effect rescue of the person or property in distress. The system is capable of locating a distress transmission solely on the basi ...

Edward James Morgan, Farshid Alizadeh Shabdiz, Russel Kipp Jones, Michael George Shean: Location beacon database. Skyhook Wireless, Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale & Dorr, October 7, 2008: US07433694 (211 worldwide citation)

A location beacon database and server, method of building location beacon database, and location based service using same. Wi-Fi access points are located in a target geographical area to build a reference database of locations of Wi-Fi access points. At least one vehicle is deployed including at le ...

Alan Phillips, Frank Schroth, Geoffrey M Palmer, Stefan G Zielinski, Allen P Smith, Colin M Cunningham III: Location-based services. Where, Cesari and McKenna, December 7, 2010: US07848765 (208 worldwide citation)

Provided herein are methods and systems relating to location-based services such as social networking, providing demographic information, tracking mobile devices, providing business information, providing an adaptable user interface, remotely effecting a change on a portable electronic device, provi ...

Philip N Garfinkle, Yaacov Ben Yaacov, Elliot D Jaffe: Method of processing digital images and distributing visual prints produced from the digital images. PictureVision, January 25, 2000: US06017157 (198 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to a method of processing at least one digital image of at least one photographic image and distributing at least one visual print produced from the at least one digital image. The method includes the steps of storing at least one digital image of at least one photographic ...

Doron Ben Yehezkel, James E Forman, John A Baker: Method and apparatus for providing location-based information services. Teletrac, Roylance Abrams Berdo & Goodman L, April 11, 2000: US06049711 (182 worldwide citation)

A method and system for providing location-based information services to a requesting user. A subscriber unit transmits an access request message comprising an identification number to one or more receiving sites on a response channel. A forward channel message is sent to the subscriber unit, the fo ...

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