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The invention relates to a beam allocation apparatus (21) for medical particle accelerators and also to a beam allocation method. This beam allocation apparatus (21) should manage a plurality of control rooms (8-12) for different treatment rooms and for quality assurance rooms and control rooms for ...

Method of and apparatus for accelerating particles. Cyclotron, April 12, 1972: GB1270619-A (42 worldwide citation)

1,270,619. Particle accelerators; ion sources. CYCLOTRON CORP. 28 July, 1970 [20 Jan., 1970], No. 36588/70. Heading H1D. In a method of producing a beam of high energy negative ions, a plurality of randomly charged ions is generated outside the magnetic field of a cyclotron; the negative ions are se ...

David R Winn, Peter R Kirlin: Scintillating articles and method of making the same. Advanced Technology Materials, Steven J Hultquist, December 1, 1992: US05168540 (32 worldwide citation)

A scintillating article comprising a substrate coated with an inorganic scintillating material comprising a doped or undoped material selected from the group consissting of barium fluoride, calcium fluoride, zinc oxide, zinc sulfide, zinc silicate, bismuth germanate, fast cathode ray tube phosphors, ...

John R Purcell: Superconducting dipole electromagnet. The United States of America represented by the United States Energy Research and Development Administration, Dean E Carlson, Frank H Jackson, Donald P Reynolds, July 26, 1977: US04038622 (32 worldwide citation)

A dipole electromagnet of especial use for bending beams in particle accelerators is wound to have high uniformity of magnetic field across a cross section and to decrease evenly to zero as the ends of the electromagnet are approached by disposing the superconducting filaments of the coil in the cre ...

Paolo della Porta, Bruno Ferrario, Livio Rosai: Modular getter pumps. E S Getters S p A, Littlepage Quaintance Murphy Richardson and Webner, January 30, 1979: US04137012 (31 worldwide citation)

A modular getter pump includes a first and a second supporting electrode. At least one strip of high ohmic resistance material is connected to and supported by the first and second supporting electrodes. The strip of high ohmic resistance material has a length much greater than its width and only a ...

Cord Henrich Dustmann, Hubert Keiber, Berthold Krevet: Superconducting magnet system for particle accelerators of a synchrotron radiation source. Kernforschungszentrum Karlsruhe, Brown Boveri & Cie, Herbert L Lerner, Laurence A Greenberg, May 17, 1988: US04745367 (28 worldwide citation)

A superconducting magnet system for particle acceleration of a synchrotron radiaton source having a particle orbit in a given plane includes a superconducting winding surrounding the particle orbit and having a slot formed therein in the given plane of the particle orbit for egress of synchrotron ra ...

Claudio Boffito, Bruno Ferrario: Device and process for the removal of hydrogen from a vacuum enclosure at cryogenic temperatures and especially high energy particle accelerators. SAES Getters S p A, David R Murphy, November 22, 1994: US05365742 (27 worldwide citation)

A device for the removal of hydrogen from a vacuum enclosure at cryogenic temperatures, especially high energy particle accelerators which comprises a metal support preferably in the form of a strip of aluminium and a composition able to sorb hydrogen adherent to the support in particular on at leas ...

Apparatus for directing ionising radiation in the form of or produced by beams from particle accelerators. Varian Associates, May 6, 1964: GB957342-A (22 worldwide citation)

957,342. Linear particle accelerators; X-ray tubes. VARIAN ASSOCIATES. July 27, 1961 [Aug. 1, 1960], No. 27305/61. Heading HID. [Also in Division H5] A beam of accelerated particles for direct irradiation of an object or for producing X-rays for irradiating the object, is bent through 90 degrees and ...

Bijan Sayyarrodsari, Eric Hartman, Celso Axelrud, Kadir Liano: System and method of applying adaptive control to the control of particle accelerators with varying dynamics behavioral characteristics using a nonlinear model predictive control technology. Pavilion Technologies, Meyertons Hood Kivlin Kowert & Goetzel P C, Jeffrey C Hood, February 27, 2007: US07184845 (21 worldwide citation)

The present invention provides a method for controlling nonlinear control problems within particle accelerators. This method involves first utilizing software tools to identify variable inputs and controlled variables associated with the particle accelerator, wherein at least one variable input para ...

Tran Duc Tien: Multiperiodic accelerator structures for linear particle accelerators. CGR Mev, Oblon Fisher Spivak McClelland & Maier, September 16, 1975: US3906300 (21 worldwide citation)

High efficiency linear accelerator structures comprising a succession of cylindrical resonant cavities which are accelerating cavities, and coupling annular cavities which are located at the periphery thereof, each of these annular cavities being coupled to two adjacent cylindrical cavities.

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