Millicent Chen
Freddie Lee Massey, Deborah Ann Snell Tung, Millicent Louise Martin Shultz, Ben Duh, Charles Louis Kern Jr: Process to prepare a polyester resin. Shell Oil Company, Kim Muller, September 5, 2000: US06113997 (51 worldwide citation)

A process is disclosed to prepare a polyester resin having a predetermined acetaldehyde (AA) content whereby the IV of the melt phase resin is constrained to a certain range resulting in a longer SSP time to achieve a higher level of IV for the resin with an AA content of 1 PPM or less. The resultan ...

Virginie Marcelle Andrée Hancill, Michele Falcone, Ergin Basar: Thermosetting durable powder coating composition. AKZO NOBEL COATINGS INTERNATIONAL, McDonnell Boehnen Hulbert & Berghoff, January 16, 2018: US09868813

The invention comprises a thermosetting powder coating composition comprising first and second resin, the first resin being an acid functional polyester resin with an acid value below 50 mg KOH/g, the second resin being obtainable by reacting hydroxyl functional components and acid functional compon ...

Kern Charles Louis, Massey Freddie Lee, Martin Shultz Millicent Louise, Tung Deborah Ann Snell, Duh Ben: Process to prepare a polyester resin. Shell Internationale Research Maatschappij, December 2, 1999: WO/1999/061505

Accordingly, the invention provides a process to prepare a polyester resin having an acetaldehyde concentration of no more than about 1 ppm, which process comprises the steps of: a) reacting ethylene glycol with terephthalic acid or an ester thereof, and isophthalic acid or an ester thereof under co ...

Takahashi Koji, Niimi Koji, Kaneko Hisashi, Nishikawa Satoru: Polyester resin composition, preparation of molding and apparatus therefor. Mitsui Chem, Toyo Ink Mfg, October 12, 1999: JP1999-279383

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make it possible to prepare a composition of high uniformity and a molding. SOLUTION: The process to prepare a polyester resin composition by mixing 99-60 wt.% of a crystallized polyester (A) with 1-40 wt.% of a polyethylene isophthalate resin (B) in a molten state using a r ...

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